Roza Marsk

High Inquisitor of Castow


Name: Roza Marsk
Age: 57
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: High Inquisitor
Mannerism: None appears to be present.
Traits: Strict, difficult.

Likes: Her job, her children.
Dislikes: Anyone breaking the law, anyone who gets in her way. Ect.


- Son, Oldest Kosef Marsk
- Son, Middle Roy Marsk
- Son, Youngest Anzo Marsk

Appearance: An average size woman, she has aged heavily from stress. She has snow white hair that is often kept up. She wears armor that is black and red.
Height: 5’8"
Attire: Black and red armor.
Notable Items: Shao style weapons


Mother Marsk; Roza lives in Castow Province in the capital. She is a high ranking official in the guard and holds the title of “Inquisitor”, she is revered in the city and is a person many are afraid of.

Roza is extremely strict and is often refereed to as “The Queen of Hags” as she is very difficult.

Her children rarely speak of her, she does not like to be spoken of and activly encouraged her children to move away; although this was done for the reason of she didn’t want them in danger for her risky position; they took it as being kicked out to the curb.

Roza Marsk

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