Sebastian Fairchild


Name: Sebastian Fairchild
Age: 8
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran, Illuskan
Profession: n/a
Traits: Quiet and softspoken, much calmer than most children his age and a bit of a loner

Likes: Playing on his own, reading, and following around Mireya
Dislikes: Getting dirty, being forced to talk to other children, and thunderstorms

Unknown (Maternal Grandfather)
Unknown (Maternal Grandmother)
Rolecome Fairchild (Grandfather)
Ethelda Fairchild (Grandmother)
Mercer Fairchild (Father)
Meriele Fairchild (Mother, Deceased)
Mireya Fairchild (Sister)
Marcella Fairchild (Sister)
Estelle Lyne (Great Aunt)
Alison Lyne (Cousin, Deceased)
Aaron Lyne (Cousin)

Height: 3’11"
Attire: While he wears simple clothes, they are impeccably clean and well taken care of given that he oftentimes refuses to leave the house and get dirty like other little boys his age
Notable Items: A toy soldier doll and a baby blanket made by his mother


Sebastian was only four years old when his mother died, but he seems to have felt the loss deeply. What was originally a fairly soft-spoken boy became completely mute for nearly a year after her passing, much to the worry of his family. He latched onto his eldest sister, Mireya, who eventually coaxed him out of his shell and back into a more normal existence by acting as a substitute mother to him. Nonetheless, at age eight, Sebastian is still much more withdrawn than most boys his age and requires quite a bit of encouragement to socialize with the other children in town.

Sebastian Fairchild

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