Sergeant Phineas Pedigree

Sergeant of Baemore Guard


Name: Phineas Pedigree
Age: Unknown, presumably Late 20’s Early 30’s.
Race: Human
Sub race: Illuskan believed, no conformation
Profession: Sergeant of Baemore Guard
Mannerism: Eccentric and overly inquisitive
Traits: Inquisitive, Eccentric, overbearing, “Kiss ass”, nosy, Unable to drop things, overly defensive.

Likes: His job more than anything else, getting the bad guy, showing someone up (subtly) & being right.
Dislikes: When people mock him in any manner or anything that imposes on his ability to do his job.


-None Spoken of

Appearance: An average sized man, Phineas is often seen wearing his custom made armor with Baemore insignias on it. He has a fairly untouched face, lacking scars or battle marks. He has minor facial hair and keeps the head on his head well trimmed and parted to the side.
Height: 5’8.5"
Attire: Custom made Guard outfit bearing Baemore Insignias
Notable Items: Custom made Guard outfit bearing Baemore Insignias


A widly known man around town, a little eccentric, Phineas is a guard serving under Guard Captain Laris Tresden. She seems to have little patients for him, no one would dare say it to his face but most people feel that he is a bit of a kiss ass.

Sergeant Phineas Pedigree

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