Sergor Nemetsk

Baemroe Stable Hand


Name: Sergor Nemetsk
Age: 24
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: Stable Hand
Mannerism: Slow & Happy.
Traits: Oblivious, obtuse & Polite

Likes: Friends, working, horses & Fighting.
Dislikes: Smart People, Being called names & small or weak animals/people.

- Father Pavel Nemetsk
- Mother, deceased Zora

Appearance: A large man who works at the stables, most people consider him “oafy” he has facial hair and short/medium hair with a large build.
Height: 6’4.5"
Attire: Leather outfit.
Notable Items: None


A man with a large build, he runs the local stables in town, feeding and taking care of the horses.

His father is known as the town drunk and he as the town oaf, he works hard and is generally a kind hearted man but has a difficult time understanding concepts or taking hints.

Sergor tends to become very attracted to pretty females and often has a difficult time taking hints.

Sergor Nemetsk

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