Vesta St.Clair

Baemore Cafe owner, The Journey's End


Name: Vesta St.Clair
Age: 24
Sub race: Illuskan
Profession: Cafe Owner/Manager
Major Attitude Alignment: Polite, quiet & kind hearted

Likes:Friends, Good food & Seeing people happy
Dislikes:Chaos, death & Loneliness

-Unnamed Adoptive Father from Saranan
-Unnamed Mother from Car’tie

Appearance: Fair skinned with some of her fathers colour, raven black hair and well done, attractive to look at and usually well done up.
Attire: Usually found in appropriate clothing for whatever she is doing, managing her cafe, baking or cooking in it. Will usually be seen in a dress if it is appropriate.
Notable Items:Mothers locket


Vesta is a female who immigrated from Car’tie with her parents around 10 years ago, she managed to survive the journey over The Scar, her mother died in the journey and her father became very ill, before he finally passed away 7 months after the journey, he was from Saranan and Vestas mother was from Car’tie.

The two managed to make it to Baemore and open a small cafe known as The Journeys End.

Vesta St.Clair

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