Westra Stormwind

Mother of Ander


Name: Westra Stormwind
Age: 39
Race: Human
Sub race: Illuskan
Profession: Laundress
Mannerism: Polite, reserved, Well spoken, can easily become excited when speaking of her son.
Traits: Excitable, Hard working & Caring

Likes: Reading, Writing & Doing what ever she can to help her son.
Dislikes: Law breakers, petty people & Bad weather

- Son Ander Stormwind
- Husband, Late.

Appearance: A relativly short woman with fair to tawny skin, her long brown hair that shines gold in direct light is her most notable feature, her light green eyes and delicate features are easily noticeable.
Height: 5’6"
Attire: Various clothing, usually common clothing of various colours. Owns a rose red/pink cloak bound with tassels.
Notable Items: Her cloak.


Westra was raised in Baemore, she met and fell in love with a young merchant who she latter married and gave birth to a young boy with her husband.
The two rose young Ander together happily. When Ander was 8 years old his father became exceptionally ill, after a few months the illness grew worse As time passed Ander quickly became ignored, because of everything happening with his father and his mother being preoccupied he began to become distant and angry.

This distance went unnoticed to Westra for a very long time until she saw young Kaleb in town fighting with another boy; Westra pulled the two apart from each other and began to question Kalebs motives, explaining to him what had been going on with Ander Westra quickly came to realize what was going on and sought out the young girl Kara

Westra Stormwind

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