Zia Evgenii

Daughter of the Trapper


Name: Zia Evgenii
Age: 17
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: None
Mannerism: Quiet – Soft spoken, optimistic & strong willed.
Traits: Flighty, fanciful. Frequently running, and often wanders the woods alone.

Likes: The colour blue. Hidden forest glades. Streams.
Dislikes: The way her father treats her brothers, [BEN], [BEN].

- Mother Ida Evgenii
- Father Burchard Evgenii
- Brother HroÐgeirr Evgenii
- Brother Arseni Evgenii

Appearance: Smaller in frame with tawny to fair skin. She has delicate features and a small nose. She often wears a neutral expression on her face.
Height: 5’6"
Attire: A blue dress, A blue shirt with black tight trousers and black cuffed boots. Can be seen wearing a blue cloak.
Notable Items: Her silk blue cloak


Zia loves both of her brothers, Arseni and HroÐgeirr. She often is the neutral party when ever there is a fight or argument between the two.

Zia also calms her father down when he is upset and to the outsider she appears to be the mediator in the family.

Zia Evgenii

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