A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Stray Thoughts and Schematics (7)
The Arena

(A new sketch of the spherical object has been made with more detail and small notes about possible incendiary components)

Words can not describe how glorious this day has been. I feel as though my companions tend to look at my inventive habits and forget the sort of skills growing up in a tavern can yield. I certainly reminded them of that today.

Poor Tavion found himself with an unwanted admirer, a beast of a woman named Berta. Thankfully he slipped back into his room and locked himself in somehow. Not so thankfully, I had to get him out trouble for it right after waking up the next morning. She was a fairly well…simple woman. I convinced her a note he wrote to me asking to keep her away was Elven poetry he wrote for her.

Rather than a thank you I was given a lecture about not speaking elvish. What in the material plane would I need to learn elvish for? To talk to all of the elf folk in Baemore? Besides the point, I’ve roped my dear companion into joining my little excursion back to the caves when we get home. Perhaps I should invite one more person, Kaleb may try to tell Aaron what we’re up to, and Kara seems quite sullen and this particular type of adventure might only exacerbate it. Sells doesn’t seem to be very fond of all the adventuring either. Not at all really. Even when it’s just me doing it…

Enough of that! I’m sure he and I can handle it. Hopefully this will bring a measure of peace to Aaron and Estelle. I know how (whatever was written here is scratched out). But that’s really not my business to write about.

Oh this is getting dour, I should be excited! We made a killing in the arena. We could have made more, but we made a deal with an enchanted for magical protection. It kept Aaron alive so I suppose I can’t complain. He needs to be more careful, serious injury is becoming far too common for him.

Arseni’s magic is becoming more and more profound it seems. He went invisible in the middle of the fight! And didn’t even know how! Were I more mystically inclined I might try to study this, but I’m afraid my fascination will have to stay objective. Tavion seems to be quite taken with the mystical lately I’ve noticed. Perhaps he could take up alchemy.

I managed to kill two, not as impressive as the count for the others, but I did land the final blow on their leader! It was such a rush of sliding my blade into that vapid beast and hearing the crowd cheer. We must do this again!

I have a good feeling about this adventure. For me and my friends, here’s to wherever fate brings us together next!

Trappers Tales III
1st 1st Day, Kythorn - Down Time

1st 1st Day, Kythorn

Well, I guess notifying the guard captain where we’re going was both helpful, and not.
She arrived too late to help in the fight, and to save Agron, but at least she was able to escort us home without issue.
I spent the ride mostly silently. We’d let down Kara, and the fact that we had to save them was our fault anyway. Zia did suggest that I don’t let the rest of the family see my new robe, though, as it would just start questions. Probably a good idea.

When we returned home things were already starting to return to normal. Mr Buckman was already able to walk, for example. The strangest thing was the acknowledgement we received when we got back. I felt awkward and slipped away as soon as I was able.
I haven’t been the only person slipping away, though. At the end of the funeral for her father, Kara had disappeared. I went looking for her, but was unsuccessful. On the bright side, I did run into Vesta. She was out shopping, and we had a nice little chat. Every cloud has a silver lining, I guess.
Kara turned up the next day anyway. When I saw Ander and Kaleb on their patrol earlier in the day Ander said she’d be alright, and he was correct. She did have some new cuts when I saw her, but thought it diplomatic not to mention them.
Shortly later, I ran into Vesta again. I always feel so awkward talking to her. I just have no words, so my tongue seems to do its own thing, and I don’t know why. It’s still always nice, though. I generally just let her talk and chip in when my mind decides it’s time to come up with something.

Stray Thoughts and Schematics (4-6)
Return to Baemore

Stray thoughts and Schematics (4-6)

4th Second Day of Mirtul

It’s over. We killed him and we brought everyone back. Well, almost everyone. Kara’s father did not make it, and I fear how it will affect her. Losing your parents is never easy, I understand that well, but even I had my grandparents to take care of me after. I suppose we’ll have to be there for her.

Speaking of my grandparents, they’re going to be alright I think. Granny is recovering, and Grandpa can walk again. Words can’t even begin to say how happy I am to have them both still here. I can’t lose anyone else. Grandpa seems to be keeping an extra close eye on me after everything that’s happened, and I can’t bring myself to mind it. I’m simply content with still having them here. At least he’s up and walking again.

Everyone else’s families seem to be recovering well. Estelle is in recovery with Granny, I had better make sure Aaron doesn’t over work himself in her a sense. Lander and Zia are fine, young and adventurous as ever. I am eternally grateful we got there soon enough for Silese to be spared any additional pain. She was exhausted, but well over all.

I feel so guilty having dragged her into this. I’ll make it up to her, take her out to nicest dinner I can. I just want her to know how sorry I am.

Agron’s funeral is in two days. I imagine it’ll be a large event considering he was the former guard captain. I just hope we can be there for Kara like she needs in the coming days.

4th Second Day of Mirtul

It appears the mayor’s praise of us has spread around town. Mara Brightwood approached me today. She said I might like to learn a bit more about weaponry in “my line of work”. It eventually came around to her offering me a job. It was a difficult decision, but I accepted in the end. My apprenticeship with Orel has given me a lot, but I am afraid there’s little else I can learn there. Plus, Mara’s shop will be more organized with more negotiable work hours.

I’ll still go an visit him of course, and he’ll always gens dear friend, but I just won’t be his employee I suppose.

Things are changing more and more each day it seems.

9th Second day of Mirtul

It’s been awhile since I wrote so much has happened.

We finally saw Kara leave the fortress her home has become. She’s so downtrodden and unlike healed, but at least we were able to keep her company. I did my best to comfort her after the funeral along with some of the others. I think she appreciated the gesture but I’m unsure how the future looks for her.

I didn’t feel like being alone after that, so I finally took Silese to that fancy dinner I promised. I brought her to the restaurant Ravencrest owns. It was probably the first time I’ve felt genuinely relaxed since this whole mess blew up in our faces. We almost stayed until the restaurant closed laughing and just talking. It felt good to be alone with her again. That beautiful smile has always been my greatest weakness.

There’s some rumors of strange happenings in town. Maybe we can see if another adventure will perk Kara up. I doubt it will be that easy, but it doesn’t hurt to have hope. I need to go help grandpa set up for the celebration later. He asked me to stay in and help with the preparations. I just couldn’t say know after everything we’ve been through recently.

Oh in all the excitement of what’s been going on, I think I neglected my newest “idea”…oh well I’ll not it down later. I need to get busy.

(Below is an unfinished sketch of something that is not yet identifiable, but seems to be spherical in shape and a note “figure out trigger mechanism” is scrawled hastily next to it.)

an Alchemist's Tale III

We finally got them all back, well almost all of them… Kara’s father didn’t make it, we were to slow… I tried to make it in time… and I feel horrible for being selfish with worrying about my own grandmother when her father lied there half… I don’t even want to think of it.

Despite the horror we did manage to grab a few items we could use if something like this happens in the future, a new sword some wizard robes a potion, but none of that seemed to matter with the tragedy in front of us.

We all took a week to recover although i still don’t feel like i am at 100% I think those mushrooms infected me I am going to have to ask grandmother what she thinks it is. Kaleb did get the cabin for all of us to take a much needed vacation tho which is super awesome! I am going to be sure i repay him with dinner sometime.. maybe at Ravencrest’s yeah! I am sure Grandmother will want the extra help anyway!

I spent some time with the owl this week… I think he trusts me and after what it did for Iona i am sure I trust him. But he needs a name. a name worthy of his valor and bravery. I know! I will call you Hero, because I know we will be heroes someday… and I want a reminder of that. these past 2 weeks… have made me feel so alive! I love alchemy and i want to continue doing it… but I want to do more now… and with Hero by my side, and this amazing long sword in my sheath I know i can do something… I will find my calling out there and use my skills to their advantages…. I will find a way!

I have also found myself wishing I had inherited that druids power lately.. Druids are one with nature… and I really think that having those powers would help me a lot.. from what i remember reading druids have healing properties and can command plants in some ways.. and work with animals… all stuff I have always wanted to do since i was younger… that’s why i started following grandmother in alchemy because its as close to magic as i can get. maybe i should talk to the Benninger society… maybe they will know if i can awaken this power..

at any rate… maybe one day.. but for now I will focus on what i do have, my sword, my alchemy and my Hero.

Stray Thoughts and Schematics (3)
What has been lost

3rd 2nd Day, Mirtul

They took everyone. My grandmother, my Selise…my friend’s loves ones. They took them, and crippled grandfather. How will he be able to live like that? He’s always loved the outdoors, and practically lives for his hunting trips. And Grandmother…how will we go on without her? They took everything from me. What do I have to live for now?

It’s like mother and father all over again. Taken away from me in the name of some bastard gods I don’t care about. Is it fate I have to lose everyone I love? I was supposed to be moving one, starting my life with Selise, and helping grandmother and grandfather retire…

They ruined everything!

(the entry contains several small dots of fade and crinkling in the paper that resemble dried wet spots)

(The ink is pressed in heavy and thick lettering on the next entry as if the pen were pressed to hard on the paper)

There is no more time to cry for them. I have to find grandmother, Selise, Zia, Lander, Estelle…all of our family that were taken. I will not let them get away with this, and I will die trying if I must to get back what they’ve taken. I refuse to sit back and play the hurt child. That twisted elf and his cult will pay dearly for this, I promise that much.

Catalog of a Cartographer III
Personal Log 3

I suppose it was a bit naive for us to think that running around and getting into trouble with our new power would not have consequences. We have fought and beaten a pair of crazy elves with magic and it finally caught up with us and our families. They have been taken or grievously injured, all because we dared to oppose this nefarious group. This group, possibly the Cabal we have been hearing about, thinks that taking and hurting our families will stop us from coming after them. They have erred greatly. Just like the elf that could turn into a wolf, and the necromancer and his goblin minions, we will defeat this “Cabal”, save our families, and ensure that every single member of this nefarious organization is dead, permanently.

an Alchemist's Tale II

I can’t believe it. all that hard work and it back fires on us… Estelle… Grandmother… I… I only wanted to help people… be useful… I am sorry this happened… we thought it was just wolves.. not a druid.. we managed to kill her.. and destroyed her weird amulet but it gave us this weird powers in exchange and we don’t know the effects of it yet. I can only hope that nothing bad happened to any of us…

I am a bit more at ease in my own mind now that i did some more work around the shop, I wanted to make sure it was in perfect condition for you when you get back. I am not panicked… but I vow to you as i write this journal i will get you back, safely… no matter the cost… I. no. We, my friends and I will do this for all our loved ones.. I.. I can’t be left alone… I have so much to learn and… I can’t be alone… not again… mother… No. I will not let you meet the same fate that she did. I refuse. even if its just me and my new friend the owl, who i really should name.. maybe something alchemy themed… like.. vial! no… moss? no.. and now i am writing my thoughts..

Anyway! I am coming for you grandmother, i will get you home safe.. just please stay alive..

Ander's Report
Operation, crashing meeting.

A few loose pieces of parchment scattered across a guards desk with a beautiful style of calligraphy

The Third Second day of Mirtul.

It was a normal day for me, I had been given two extra shifts due to the Mookah ring that has been going on in Baemore; I was then approached by Aaron Lyne who was frantic and panicking. At this point I was more worried that something had happened to the group while they were at the Baemore Farms, I quickly attempted to calm him down but he inquired about Laris Tresdens’ location, mentioning that she was at the Townhall with Mayor Balmonte he began running towards it.

I followed him and on the way he described the situation to me, where him and the others had their families taken away, Agron was one of the mentioned. I wouldn’t know what to say to Kara, she had to of been just as frantic as Aaron had been.

We arrived at Townhall after just a few moments, the mayors secretary attempted to stop us, I had to stage a false arrest to get us to see the mayor, with that false arrest Captain Tresden was easy to see and although quite angry with me, she did agree to help.

I will continue to report on this as it develops.

X, Ander Stormwind

Kara's Journal
The Cult, the Anti Party and the Flowers.

The Third Second day of Mirtul.

Scribbles written frantically cover Karas leather bound journal, droplet stains are scattered throughout the pages.

I can’t believe what has happened, the death of so many for such senseless things, a Necromancer cult attacks a town for an unknown reason?! Then we find this Druid. Shava Holimion…?

Regardless, we find out as we return that this other party… these, “Anti Heroes” used small husky dogs to trick the Baemore Farm townsfolk to into giving them the reward for the job, I could easily live with that but what I can’t live with is the renown they’re going to get for it… No one deserves credit for something they haven’t done.

It was only upon our return home that things took a horrible turn, our parents… my father, all of our loved ones had been taken by cultists, one by one we found them gone only to leave behind a rotting bouquet of flowers in their places…

Trappers Tales II
3rd 2nd Day, Mirtul - Lost friends

3rd 2nd Day, Mirtul

We have made a grave mistake.
A very grave mistake.

Kara’s “adventure” almost had the lot of us die to a druid commanding wolves, and that was bad enough, but it appears we have angered a force more powerful than we’d had any inkling of, and are paying the price.

Loved ones are missing.
Ms Lyne.
Mrs Buckman.
Mr Starag.
Selise Avalon.
Lander Westwood.


Sweet Zia. She’d never harm anyone, and did quite the opposite more often than not. It’s just not fair.

As the gravity sunk in of what was happening to everyone, I thought I had nothing to lose at home. As I’ve logged elsewhere in these pages I’ve had very little to celebrate from my home life, contrary to that of my friends.

But in the darkest times, when it seemed everything was pointless, there was Zia.

When Dad was raging Zia would be able to calm him.
When Hrodgeirr was at his worst, Zia would be able to focus him in another direction.
When the only way out was to leave, Zia would lead down the path, almost skipping.

And as she protected me from the family, I’ve done what I can to protect her from the world.

When Phineas would hassle her about where she was going, or the length of her hair, I would protect her.
When other children picked on her I’d defend her.
When she was sick I’d look after her.

But now, when the stakes are higher than ever before, I’ve failed her.

I wish we’d never gone on that camping trip.
I wish we’d never found that… whatever it was, that held the aspect.
I wish we’d never had this thrust upon us, purely because of bad luck.

But I swear to the gods that have abandoned us, if it is the last thing I do, I will get Zia back and make those who took her pay the blood price.

Flipping through the pages, it is possible to notice that in a first for the book, the paper is signed after this last statement


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