A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Tales of the Huntress XI
Doubt and Despisal

1st of Uktar,

I’ve always wondered about my place within the group, but recent events have me doing more so than normal. I know Mireya had to have been hiding knowledge of her plan at the Brotherhood purposefully. How easily Aaron knew to follow her, did Arseni know as well? Was I the only one they didn’t trust? To say it hurts I inspire such a lack of faith would be an understatement. I know what she must assume, but she was fairly cross with me before I could correct her. Then again, I guess I deserve no less acting as rash as I did earlier.

I was so tired and ill, and then there was this woman shouting and judging without good cause yet again at us. I couldn’t take it anymore. Everything these people and I have done for the sake of others, the dangers and sacrifices we face, and all it seems to earn us is ire and disrespect from narrow minded curs who have only their own petty interests in mind! I couldn’t listen to another person act so high and mighty while putting someone who has done nothing wrong and been so horribly punished for nothing more than doing the right thing!

I don’t even know if it had anything to do with it being Roy. The thought that I could have lost him didn’t even hit me until later that day. I’m just so tired of watching this group suffer, and of feeling as if everything right we try to do is destined to bring us more misery. I think I would have reacted the same for any of us, although I will admit my sulking the next day was inspired by my own attachments to the situation. I had let my rage build up so much that I spewed it out at the most inopportune time, and almost made things so much worse. How could I be so foolish?

No wonder she struck me, or could barely stand to even speak to me later. I have always known I was not as clever as some in the group, but I feel it now more than ever. How many more mistakes and mis steps an I allowed before they realize just unsure and doubting of my own capabilities I am? How long before they realize the burden I impose on them?

I admit to being over protective of them and emotionally attached to this group. Perhaps more than I should be, but…

Who else do I have? Tavion would not even say a word to me that day in the carriage. One of my best friends, that I remember learning how to knock an arrow with as a young girl, and he would not even spare me a second glance. Hrodegeirr and Anzo have always needed each other more than me, I always accepted that. And my own family…they feel more like a distant memory than a family. They never write, or have even attempted a visit since I came to the area for good. And I have no truly fond memories of them. Just absent figures with barely any presence in my life.

Honestly these people feel like the closest to family I have at the moment, and yet I seem to only be pulling them down. Even the one that means the most to me. I’m trying to stay positive and smile through. But I don’t know how much longer I can pretend that everything’s alright. Or how much longer I can pretend that I’m not just an outsider trying to give herself a home.

A Grandson's Letter


It has been a few weeks since i have seen you and since I can’t go visit you I thought I would write you a letter. Things are going a lot better out on my own than expected… and I am glad i have my friends… a second family here with me. we are planning on adding our own alchemy lab to our home so I will be able to continue to study and keep up my passion as well! I still want to make you proud and follow in your footsteps…

I won’t give you the details of what I have been up to but we have found some old books on alchemy from a long time ago, i was able to understand some of it, but a lot of it is in elvish. I am thinking of picking up the study of the language. I know i can do it, you pushed me to be the best and I am confident I can learn the language. Hopefully i will be able to show you the next time i see you.

I also want you to know I have given up my search of my mother like you asked of me. I am now just on an adventure with my friends, we have our goals. but mine have changed. I am sorry for making you worry, my curiosity got the best of me and put me in some bad situations as I have told you before… but Mireya has opened my eyes in more ways than one and I now need to return the favor I guess..

I am rambling, but I just want you to know that I… no we, are ok. and hopefully by the time we are allowed back into town Arseni will be back to normal. I miss you grandmother… and I look forward to be able to have dinner with you once I can re enter town.

P.S how are things in town? We have been wondering if everything has been normal since we were exiled. we are trying to find a way to overturn Callum if he doesn’t change his mind. and one of the ways we thought about doing it is trying to get a new mayor elected. one of the names that came u were you and Igan Now I do not want to pressure you into anything, but think about it. or ask Igan if you prefer… but we need to be allowed into baemore, We are one of the best chances at protecting the city and we can;t do that i we are not allowed in… If you can think of a different way we are also open to the suggestion.


~Aaron Lyne,

The Healer's Diary XX
Mireya's Thoughts Vol. 20

27th of Marpenoth

So now I know why she wanted him.

Or rather, I know why she wanted a child. Why she wanted him, I can’t imagine. Was this her way of getting back at me for ignoring her deals, for encouraging Aaron and the others to stay far afield of her influence? The loss of a child seems such a unimaginably high price for simply foiling a few plans and putting a nick in such a large ego. I can’t imagine how the logic could possibly work within her head unless there was something else, something important about my son in particular that intrigued her.

But then, the fact that I cannot follow her logic is a problem in and of itself, isn’t it? Her mind does not work as that of a human — for human she most certainly is not — and so perhaps it is an exercise in futility to try and understand where Bagoda is coming from. But if her ire ignites at so little nudging as a simple person who wished for nothing but to keep to herself and protect her friends, I worry at what she may do once she realizes what course of action her insidious maneuvers have now encouraged me to pursue.

At the very least, I can feel secure in that Briar’s safety remains an important factor to her plans. For what all else she may intend for him, worries I held that she may kill him to get at me feel unfounded for now. My concern no longer lies in his life or death, but what her plans will do to transform him from innocent child into the sort of dark creature that is of her image. When I have him back — for I will have him back — will he be my child anymore? Or will he have forcibly been metamorphosed from my son into someone unrecognizable and evil?

No, I cannot think like that. The short echo of a moment in which I gazed upon his face gave me a glimpse of the undeniable light that is his and his alone. It will take more than a witch’s words and actions to remake him anew… and just like his father, I must believe that no matter how he may be lead astray, his heart will remain steadfast and strong and always compelled towards goodness. That is the legacy which he inherits from the parents he has never known. I must believe that this will somehow bolster him through what is to come.

To speak of Anzo, it seems that he is finally in true possession of the letter which I intended for him. I thought that I would have liked it better for him to have been aware of the situation before it had escalated so far, but perhaps this is better.

Now he can know the name of his son.

Some part of me hopes that knowing of his existence may compel Anzo to truly settle down, to take his life seriously and consider his actions beyond their impact upon himself. Another part of me fears that the knowledge of what happened to Briar will only compel him towards recklessness, as before. If his folly leads him into the jaws of danger once again, I hold no hope for his survival. Bagoda needed him then… she does not need him now.

And then, it is just as likely that I may never see him again. With his memories gone, my letter must seem like ramblings of a woman gone mad… Oh, Anzo, if only you could realize that this deal you’ve struck threatens to break so much more than the heart of just your brother.

It is our last day here and he has not come.

I must try and rest easy in knowing that I can do or say no more than I have. This is now up to him.

A Blacksmith's Workings XII

27th of Marpenoth

The town still does not trust us very much. They are afraid to deal with us, but at least our money is still good. We went to see the duke who was unaware of Mireya’s child. He is worried about what Bagoda can do with an ally. It appears the young child will be used as a vessel for the 4th. Along with that the shadow creature we fought in Baemore seems to be working with Bagoda. She seems to have her hands in just about everything. I’m worried what her next move will be.

Our next stop was Dalewin where Anzo was staying with my Uncle Luther. It appears that he has no memory of me either. I still fear to meet with Kosef and find out his memories are gone. It would almost be like losing him again. Its starting to look like Bagoda got what she wanted from me without my help.

The alchemist labs have always been a goal of ours. Between Aaron’s desire for knowledge in his craft and Arseni’s hope to revert to normal, we decided to investigate the lab near Dalewin. The forest that it was located in held some very interesting things. A hag who reeked of her vile nature, we chose to avoid conflict with her for our own safety. There was also a treant who guarded the forest and cared for the life in it. We met a drow, one who we thought we could call an ally. He helped guide us through the lab and its dangers, only to betray us when he reached his allies. His betray game at a surprise to us and we were caught off guard. He nearly took us out. His magic is unlike any I have fought before. He burned through me with ease.

Especially with the brother mask, I think the best course of action now is to head to the Brotherhood of the Silent. Lamb. But first Arseni will need time to adjust to his body. The treant gave Arseni a new form, a human male form. It isn’t his original form, but it is a form he should be happy with. I wonder what he will do now. His form was his primary reason to adventure, now that is solved what will his course of action be.

Seeing my uncle reminded me so much of mother. I wonder how she is doing and if she was affected by Bagoda’s magic.

Tales of the Huntress X
Risk and Recklessness

27th of Marpenoth,

I can’t believe how reckless I’ve gotten! That fight was nearly the death of me and it was no ones fault but my own. I let the drow back me into the corner and had to resort to knocking myself out to take that damned witch with me! I’m so used to running without any consequence is open space I try to act the same closer in. It’s not the first time either, I made the same mistake in the arena. I was so focused on my next shot I didn’t pay attention to anything else and I almost died.

That’s not the worst part though. Mireya and Roy were also nearly done in. If I hadn’t been stricken down so easily and stayed up to take out the mages I could have made the cleric more accessible and things would have gone a lot smoother. They could have died and I could have prevented it.

I can’t even imagine what I would do if

I’ll need to be more careful for my friends sake, and my own I suppose. I’m no good to them dead. I need to realize the battlefields we’re walking into aren’t the forest clearings I’m used to.

Then there’s that thing in the swamp. Maybe Roy’s right, considering how we barely got out of that fight alive challenging her before could have left us a lot more vulnerable. I still wish there was something we could have done, even if I know that’s foolish. I need to consider my own advice though, doing something rash or foolish because I think it’s right doesn’t only affect me. Isn’t that what I’ve been preaching to Aaron and Roy after all? I’ll let the Brotherhood know about her for certain though. It’s not everything I want to do, but it’s the best I can do I suppose.

My letter to Kosef didn’t get a response, not unexpected but still disappointing. At least Anzo is doing well at the moment and Mireya seems to have brightened up slightly from her time with him. I really do hope he’ll stop by. It might be good for her to not be so isolated.

Once again I’m left with much to think about and little time to do it. We leave at dawn to go to the Brotherhood. I’ll admit I’m worried. I have hope things will go well, but if they don’t then I can only change that hope to our skills making things easier for us than it did last fight. The things we run into and face seem to grow stronger and we are getting out worse off each time. I’m afraid that if we keep moving forward we’ll run into more than we can handle at this rate.

Perhaps I should leave something just in case…

Zia's Retirement
Zia's Gift

Zia stands in front of her brother, he had just explained to her what had happened with him.

“Arseni…” She looks at him intently, “I want you to have these.. you may not know, but those issues that Anzo was up to… well I was apart of it a bit. But I am retiring fully, I am attempting to get an apprenticeship in town. I want you to have these”

Zia slides Arseni a slim box wrapped up

Zia smiles to Arseni "I am just glad you’re being safe. I will see you again soon. Zia stands and kisses Arseni’s new forehead and walks back inside.

Trappers Tales XXV
2nd 4th day, Marpenoth - Boys Will Be Boys

2nd 4th day, Marpenoth

Well, we didn’t quite find what we were after in the alchemists lab (again), but we did find a little bit, and things are actually looking up for once.

Things were working well for us, given we had a couple of objectives in the one area. Anzo was in a small village to the south, called Dalewin. Not quite on the path from Fort Baemore, but it was only a short trip through the forest from there. We had reason to believe that the town was home to another lab belonging to the Alchemist, too, which itself had two objectives. Information about “The Watcher,” which would be able to supply information to us about how to defeat Bagoda, and of course, the elusive hunt for the potion to get me closer to fixed.

Speaking of Bagoda, the Duke behaved quite worryingly when we gave him our information about her. He’d been very dismissive, until Mireya told him of what was stolen by her. Immediately after he became incredibly animated and agitated, before leaving in a rush with Matthew. He did leave me a note saying she’d gone underground and he’d lost track of her, though. At least that means she’s off our backs for a little.

Regardless, the lab. We made our way down the hill from Dalewin, and found ourselves in a swamp. Trying to search for the entry we came across a number of creatures, most unwelcome, a few fine. One of the fine ones was a tree… thing? who mentioned there were drow in the swamp. This indicated we were on the right path, because something about the labs seems to call to the drow. They were apparently capturing and eating birds that this tree had an affinity for, so he also asked us to retrieve one that they’d caught for him, before setting us on the right path.

We again knew it was the right path when we found a drow outside, who other drow were about to execute. Being the fools we are, we rescued him and brought him with us as we set out into the lab. He said he was after vengeance against them, which I guess is true.
Helping us through some of the traps and with some of the enemies, he was actually seeming like a dependable ally, until we reached a room where the leader of this drow expedition had been hiding. Apparently on eliminating her, he proved his worth to the others in the room, and assumed their leadership, and used that to turn on us, the traitorous scum. Maybe with a bit more talking we could have avoided a fight, as he seemed willing to let us go, but I don’t know. He wasn’t willing to let us take any information we’d found, so it wasn’t worthwhile to us anyway.

Well, maybe it would have been. A bit of wind blows differently, and who knows how it may have gone?

We got so close to losing Mireya, Roy and Rowan. I don’t think Aaron came out of it in the best shape, either. It was pure luck that we had one of the beneficial slimes idling at the edge of the room, and everyone had avoided it, so Aaron was able to push her into it, and she got up Rowan while I was looking to Roy.

So in the end, we didn’t find the recipe for that potion and we didn’t find The Watcher (although we did find information about another lab, so I guess we’re heading that way soon). We also managed to find the bird the tree thing had asked us about, which was good. Apparently there were only four left.

He seemed rather pleased when we returned it to him, or as pleased as an ancient fae tree can seem, I guess, and he offered us something in return. Well, offered me something in return.

A young man had apparently died elsewhere in the forest recently, and had been taken to the Shrine of Obit Hai. The tree was apparently able to return them to my body, and put me in his. He couldn’t give me any further information, such as the name, age or where they came from.

It worried me taking a blind leap like that, but I figured it’s probably worth it, and if it brings back this other person it’s all for the best. I lay down in the grass and fallen leaves under the tree thing, as instructed, and slowly drifted off to sleep, watching the red and yellow birds on it’s branches.

When I woke it was dark and I wasn’t entirely sure of my surroundings, so it took me a minute to remember what had happened. I threw my hands down along my body, and checked the side of my head. Ears gone. Other things gone, and some replaced. It’s good to be home.

Well, sort of. I’m not me. I’m still this other man. But I’m closer, and given how things have gone recently, getting closer is better than I’ve been able to hope for.

I do feel sorry for the other person, though. Put in a body they don’t know, probably don’t understand what happened to them. I hope they’ll be alright. I guess at the end of the day, it’s better than death. That was my view on it these past few months.

Rowan's Letters I
To Kosef Marsk

Dear Kosef,

It’s Rowan. I know it’s been awhile since we’ve spoken and I’m sorry if this seems unusual to you, but I have a very important question to ask. Please I need a response as quickly as you can give it. Give your response to my friend who delivered the parcel and do not tell anyone about this.

Do you remember anyone named Roy or Rominsk Marsk? If that name means nothing to you then I’m sorry for bothering you. If it does and you’re wondering why I’d ask that; there’s someone attempting to use her magic to cause us problems and I was worried this might be one of them. I also have to ask you; do you remember when Anzo went missing awhile back? Or does that not sound familiar at all?

Also we just saw Anzo and he’s doing well with your uncle. He may be coming back to the area soon even. He’s safe and in good hands. I thought you might want to know that.

I hope you’re doing alright,

An Alchemist's Tale XXVI

I am trying to find the words to write but all I can think of is how things have changed… So much has changed in the past few weeks… We have all lost so much… and to think that i was working to get something from someone who would take my cousins child… It disgusts me… I never doubted what i was doing was with in the boundaries of good… but after this kidnapping I refuse to believe her anymore…

I have written a letter to Devon, I hope he is doing well… I doubt i will hear from him… but i need him to keep having hope If we can prove to the city that we are needed. if we can find Phineas we might be granted access to our home once again… to have access to some of the normal life we had.

I just hope that after we go to the duke we can get back to finding sister… I need to put an end to these masks. not just for Devon, but for our families sake.

I can’t write anymore, my thoughts are to jumbled… I just hope things change for us…. and for the better.

A letter to Devon


I am sorry i won’t be starting this with the news you have been so desperately looking for. I have been following a trail that i believe will lead me to your father… I just want to make sure you know I haven’t forgotten my promise to you, or your father for that matter. I know this is probably not easy for you to keep doing… but I need you to be patient. I will bring him back.

I also realize I never got the chance to properly thank you for carrying me back home. So i will say it now. Thank you Devon. I will be sure to repay you with that dinner you said I should offer once I am allowed back in town and i finish what I set out to do.

I hope otherwise you are doing well and I swear I will give you more news soon.

P.S if you hear anything you think might help us out get in touch with Tresden, she knows how to reach us.

~Aaron Lyne


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