A Fallen Light, A New Hope

A Blackmith's Workings XVII

This world is starting to annoy me. Someone or something seems to be controlling this world and they appear to enjoy messing with people inside. It seemed to enjoy sending us in circles through the town. We eventually found a man with a funny name who had captured Aurora. The rules of the fairy tales are weird in themselves. We seemed to be able to get just about anything out of him for just his name. A strange man in a strange world. We brought her to her Prince Phillip. That allowed us to move the story further along into Lake Town. Lake Town was a mix of various fairy tales. This made it problematic to predict what would happen.
Arseni decided to make things difficult for us by insulting the Mayor. While he was indisposed, we decided to try to figure out the town. With the help of a few locals we went to the lake nearby to discover what happened to Anna’s sister. We were discovered by the mayor and her goons. Arseni was brought to us and with some quick thinking he found his courage and freed us from the mayor. Lets hope he can take some of that courage with him. We headed to the castle where we met with the White Witch. She did not seem to be all that we were led to believe.

An Alchemist's Tale XXXI

I sit here and lie in wait for arseni to return from speaking to this evil queen… truth be told I am sick of this place. I can’t stand a world in where all of the happy endings have been taken away… and need to be made right. I can’t but help everyone we pass by. I want nothing more than to aid everyone I can but we have a task at hand.

This world is not my own, and once i leave i can’t help but think that everything will just return to the way it was before and start anew… There is but one task remaining after we are done here, and that is to leave this place. and if I have anything to say about it, never return.

Whenever I have a child… a daughter… if visions and dreams hold truth… I will second guess my choices on stories… but until than i hope I have no need for any more fantasies anytime soon.

… Now that i mention visions i can’t help but think about the one task I sent out to do… Phineas… I pray you are found soon. weather red briar or the black find you i will be in debt… but maybe your son will find peace finally, and it can restore a bit of faith in our group… even if it is just from one family… and Devon, not that yo will be reading this, I want you to know that despite what this vision has told me I enjoyed our night together, despite how it ended… I hope we can share another one, with less being lost next time…

Once we are done with this elf business I want to re-enter my home… we need to fix this, how I still don’t know… but we will fix this… i miss my home..

Trappers Tales XXX
Unknown Date - Exit Stage Right

Unknown date

Well, we aren’t able to take anything from here, but I hope that just means we can’t carry out things physically.
I was told I’d find courage here, and it didn’t come quite how I’d anticipated, but I guess I did find it. After accidentally insulting a woman I really shouldn’t have (For some reason my mouth has just been running away with me in here) I was arrested. My friends had hoped to find a way to break me out, but apparently Cruella de Vil had an inkling of what they were up to, and was able to meet them before they were ready.
It was at the lake we’d been trying to get into, to see about retrieving this sword, and they took me with them as a bargaining chip. Fortunately for me, this resulted in a lack of attention on me as I was right by the sword, and was able to grab it and turn the tables.
Getting the jump on her it allowed us a good crack at victory, and with her out of the way we could move on. We were under the impression that if we could deal with the ruler of this place most of the ills would be reversed, so much to my disappointment we didn’t stop in at Kissing Town.

That found us heading down the path of finding the Queen, which was relatively straight forward from that point. Apparently my newfound sword is somewhat of a key around here. The biggest worry was waiting in her office.
I probably shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t stop myself from snooping when I saw her diary sitting there. It seems she isn’t from this world either, but instead our own, and she’d basically been trapped here by a rival.
We offered to help her find her way out, to bring her with us, but she seems reluctant and reticent. I’m not sure if this is just because she knows where she sits here, if she’s worried about returning to the real world, if the diary was intended to deceive us or if there’s something more going on, but she is guiding us to the way out. Maybe she’ll make up her mind there.

Trappers Tales XXIX
Unknown date - Right on the...

Unknown date

Apparently my childhood was sorely lacking, and it’s coming back to bite me.

I know I shouldn’t have stolen food, but we were hungry, and I figured what harm is some apple sauce? I’d even leave some gold to pay for it. Instead it knocked me out for a while.

Perhaps that was why I didn’t get anything but advice from the blue fairy. Mireya got a sword, Rowan didn’t get a bow and the like. I got told courage is… something. I was dozy from waking up, and not paying enough attention, apparently. Something else coming back to bite me.

At least we were given the some directions to follow. Unfortunately, we each had a separate path to take. I was told by a sign not to leave mine, and if it wasn’t for the fact we were told we couldn’t take anything out of the book with us, and anything we left behind would stay with us, I’d have been sorely tempted. As it stands I lost my blanket. There were piles of gold, jewels and other treasures just out of reach, and in trying to use my blanket to pull some closer I accidentally let it go, and it fluttered to sit on the pile.

However, that wasn’t the worst part. Caldwrath was on the path. I thought we’d destroyed him, but maybe not? Is he here as he’s part of the book, or did we not get rid of him properly? If it was just something dredged from my imagination, why now? Given everything else we’ve faced he’s been pushed back into my memory, a terrifying face amongst others.

I lost my bag of flour trying to get past him, hoping to blind him, as I dove between his legs, only to find out he wasn’t there at all. Or at least, he wasn’t able to be touched.
Insult to injury, when I walked back past my blanket there was a bag of flour on the treasure trove now, too.

I’m truly starting to hate this place.

An Alchemist's Tale XXX

This book… who created this twisted world. things that are in children’s tales should stay there! the rules are clear, and I know better than anyone what happens when you break a rule… I have learned my lesson from my younger days… at anyrate I am upset I was not able to protect everyone I know not everyone had the time… or childhood I had… and i should of known to go to the kitchen and see what was in the house… Apples… it would have obviously been snow white… but it’s not my fault Arseni did not have the same… upbringing I did. I guess that’s why I feel so guilty… and i should have watched over him better… To be honest I am glad i was able to take his place, even temporarily… I also at least know that despite my downfalls… I have not lost Mireya’s faith in me… otherwise i fear I would still be sleeping at this moment.

But on a more positive side this wand… I honestly have never felt power quite like it… I know i have started to learn arcane magic at its core… and i have memorized a few spells… but this wand makes me feel like i can cast spells even Arseni couldn’t! i don’t feel as strong as i did with my swords… but i feel this surge of power through me when i grasp it… I haven’t used it yet… and i fear i might not be able to control it… but this experience is something I am quite looking forward to!

A Blackmith's Workings XVI

I don’t like magic. I have never liked magic, but something about this place makes the magic seem even more off then usual. My sword shattered hitting a tree. The path seems to shape for us and changes scenery like pages in a book, there is no natural transition in the landscape. This world really is a story book. We came across the story of snow white, magic apples and all. Which Arseni took the privilege of sampling for us. It seems that the words of the story books are law in this world. We met a saytr who seemed odd yet wasn’t threatening. The saytr led us to a blue fairy who gave us weapons that would work in this land. I don’t quite know why he choose to give the items out how he did. It seems odd for me to take the bow and Mireya to get the sword.

We came across paths that diverged. It was determined that we needed to split up and take each path. The story ended up testing my willpower with hunger and food. Which I failed. I gave into the desire that was my hunger. I put myself before the group. Everything in here is so fake yet real at the same time. If it wasn’t for Rowan I would be lost in this world forever. She was willing to sacrifice herself to save me. I need to make sure she is never in that position again, and if she is, Rowan chooses to walk away. I can only hope that the deal makers don’t know she did that.

Lost at Night
Seeking Aaron

The days are getting colder and colder, the snow is lightly falling as the winter months are truly here. The night sky over head is illuminated by the full moon in the sky; it brightens the ground and clearly defines the dirt path. Spots on the ground are covered by clouds; everything is silent, no animals can be heard.

His boots landed on the snow, crunching both the grass and the snow, the shivers could be heard in his voice “Where..? Where is it.” Looking around; a young man cloaked in a long grey travelers cloak franticly moved towards the woods West of Baemore.

The night sky was coming quickly as the young man was getting lost, the paths forking all over. Howling of wolves could be heard in the trees; the young man draws a long sword that bares the crest of Baemore “Aaron, where did you hide yourself away to…”

Tales of the Huntress XV

I have no idea what blighted date it is to be honest. I’m not even sure if any time has actually passed in the real world.

I need a quick breather I think. And writing in this journal is nothing if not a decent stress outlet. Damned old wives tales and children’s stories. Perhaps this is some divine way of telling me I was a bit too enthusiastic about them in the past. That or I just have the worst sodding luck. I really wouldn’t doubt it.

Nothing is simple here and there’s danger in the simplest of things. A night at a cottage becomes a poisoned friend and a satyr intruder. At least my foolishness didn’t cause any harm this time. I need to be more careful in the future. I shouldn’t have run off so carelessly. Speaking of mistakes.

Thank every sodding divine out there for magical fairytale cliches! Damned foolish man! What could have tempted you so much that you almost ended up as a prisoner in a mushroom garden! Perhaps this is why we’ve ended up where we are. Reckless fools the both of us. At least my brashness paid off in the end this time I guess.

I don’t even know what I was thinking. I just looked around when we were out of the pathways, and he wasn’t there. I waited like Aaron said, but he never showed and I couldn’t keep standing there while they all whispered behind me! I don’t care what any blighted sign says. Sod on any fable laws that tell me to sit back when someone I care for is in danger! I’ll rewrite any rules I wish to protect these wonderful, messed up people I’ve fallen in with. Especially this particular one.

Deals haunt me no matter what world I’m in apparently. Grotty little weed. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty to accept that thing’s offer, but all I could think about was Roy stuck rotting inside a stupid story book if I walked away. After all he’d done for me, I couldn’t leave him. It was strange to accept that I was going to go through with it. I wasn’t happy about it, but I was fine with it in a way. Giving up my life for someone I love, well there are certainly worse ways to go I guess. I think knowing I wasn’t going to be leaving made certain doubts easier to own up to. Even if I wished they hadn’t had to hear it.

I was near ready to make a scene when I realized everything was okay. Thankfully Mireya came in time to keep me from making more a fool of myself than I already have. She must have heard me, to think to say such things. Her, Aaron, and Arseni heard me say those things.

If I hadn’t gotten lucky, that would have been the last thing they’d ever heard from me. Pitying to myself about my low self esteem. I don’t want that to be what I leave behind. And neither do they if the way Mireya reacted is to say anything. I’ve been so afraid of being useless and everyone coming to the same realization my family did about me, that I’ve lost sight of quite a few things. I think I can finally accept that I’ve truly found my proper place in the world. I want to go forward and finally leave all the fear and doubt behind me.

Mostly I want to return the favor of what all of them have done for me. Maybe I’m just being sentimental because of my relief. I think I’ve come to an understanding though and I’m ready to keep going.

The Blue Fairy to Arseni

Courage is doing what is right, without having to be told.
Courage is standing up, courage is looking evil in the eye and telling them “no”.
Courage is having fear but staying strong.
Courage is facing adversity and overcoming it.
It is to know what is right, to defend those you love; can you say that you have no courage?

A Blacksmith's Workings XV

8th of Uktar

Who would want us dead? There are a few, but I am unsure who among them would send mercenaries after us. This is not like Bagoda, so for once I don’t think she is involved. It could be the Brotherhood, but I would assume they would take care of this problem themselves. Whoever it is, I will make sure that person pays for trying to kill us.

Arseni has been acting strange these last few days. Magic has been strange around him, well stranger then usual. It seems to be occurring without his control and during his sleep. The elves are saying that it has to do with the glass he carries around and a man known as The Author. In order for us to do we must go into the lands of the author. Into the stories themselves. This magic is new to me. We are headed to worlds that exist like this one. Similar to the feywild I guess.


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