A Fallen Light, A New Hope

The Lost One's Tome III

A Forgotten Time…

I have failed in my promise.  I tried, I did everything I could, but it was not enough. I wanted to help them, but the next part is hastily scratched out

That girl, she was no older than I am, and to die in such a way. Was she afraid? Was she in pain? I’ve tormented myself with these questions over and over again, but none of them have come close to the guilt of asking myself if I could have done more. I had hoped to disable them, but what if one more strike could have made a difference? What if I had worn her down more before fleeing and leaving the burden to Arseni? Would Mireya’s sister, an innocent young girl, be alive?

There is no victory in this. Only the pain and suffering of a family in mourning, and failure and regret of the people who should have saved her. Only that hag knows joy from this outcome. That creature and her malice are frightening. I do not know if I have the stregnth to face down such a creature, even out of my debt to these people.

I doubt many other things as well. Roy asked me if I could handle this. If I could fight and be willing to have blood on my hands. I did not think that blood would be of an innocent when I said yes. I am not sure I was thinking at all in fact.

I know that the real answer is no. I can not do this. I am so sorry, to these people who I made a promise to I can not keep, and to the woman who wasted this power on a weak, lost little girl.

I am truly sorry, but we part with the elves. Where I can not burden people with such important destinies as them.

The previous page lays open as the owner falls into her meditation, only for the words to fade from the page. The ink lifting off in a soft black mist in the moonlight, the owner awakens suddenly confused and looks down to see her journal open on an empty page in her lap. She smiles and reaches for her pack to pull put her pen and write on the same page as before

3rd 6th day, Claw of Sunsets

I can not believe this. We won. We actually won. I am ashamed to admit I had little confidence in this ending well, but somehow we pulled through. Their friend and Mireya’s brother are safe, and all I can think about is the happiness everyone felt when the child and the girl were seen back with us. I played only a small part in that, but yet it feels like the grandest achievment in my life.

Today I feel more satisfied with these last few days than I have with most of my life. These people certainly have strange and dangerous lives, but perhaps it is worth it for these moments alone? Where you may look back and know good has been done.

I have always felt lost, even before being consumed by the techery of the wilds. I wandered through my life without purpose or direction and fought back against the ones others pushed on me simply out of spite. This time I simply did what I thought was right, and I am finally happy with the outcome of a choice I’ve made.

We leave for the elves soon, but I do not think I will stay with them like Roy suggested. There is much of this I have yet to understand still, and I am afraid, but I think in the end I will be alright. I think all of us shall.

Perhaps these people and this place are where I can find myself.

Trappers Tales XLI
2nd 7th day, Ches - Successes and Failures

2nd 7th day, Ches

It’s unexpected. Things actually worked out.

Last time things looked like they were going well, we lost Rowan. It was a little touch and go, but we got Kara back without anyone getting severely hurt this time. I’m amazed I’m actually able to sit her watching her as I write this.

We’d had information that she was being held at the arena, so we made our way there to try and free her. With a small distraction, we were able to sneak in the service entry and look around without trouble.

We didn’t find Kara in the barracks where we’d hoped, but instead found her ready and waiting on the sands. She was mind controlled (which is much better than the alternative, and makes much more sense) by a necklace attached to her. It appeared people, or at least Bagoda, had advance warning we were coming, and had set up a little quandary for us. We either had to kill Kara, or she’d kill us. An added sting, Bagoda seemed to aim the barb at me personally, saying that I’d have to kill the one that loved me. A little odd, usually she’d needle Aaron.

However, we must have found a loophole, because we knocked her out instead of killing her outright, and the necklace broke off, leaving her merely unconscious. Bagoda disappeared, those watching disappeared, and we were just left with an unconscious Kara. We loaded her up on a cart, and brought her back to Baecrest.

I hope she wakes up soon. It’s been so long since we’ve spoken, and even longer for her, I guess.

I’m just glad things have worked out, though.

on the paper under the writing, a faint indent can be seen, as though someone wrote on pages above and the pressure left marks on those below

I’m so sorry, Mireya. I know you’ll probably never read my journal, or if you do I’ll already be dead so anything I write here will be meaningless, but please know that I didn’t mean to kill her.

I tried my best. I really did. It probably looked like I was targeting Marcella, but I wasn’t. I really was trying to knock them out at the same time. I thought with everyone else attacking Kara that if anything, it would be her that was decapitated. I don’t know why it wasn’t like that, but I’m so sorry.

I even tried to get revenge on Bagoda, but I wasn’t fast enough. I’m not strong enough. Not good enough.

I’m just, so, so sorry. I never meant to kill your sister. I did everything I could.

A Blacksmith's Workings XXVII

I didn’t get to say goodbye. Not properly. Aaron made sure of that.

We navigated through the castle to find the Duke. He agreed to return assuming we could get Bagoda on board. She proved difficult to deal with. She tried to kill us, which was to be expected. I talked to her first. She proved unwilling to work with me as usual. She knows my distaste for her and I know her power. No deal was struck, but I learned of another deal. A deal with Aaron. He went behind my back and tried to bring Rowan back. He forced Mireya into a position to swallow her pride to bring us all home.

His deal to bring back Rowan failed. The Rowan I know and love is gone. What remains is a blank slate. A newborn child who I get to watch grow up as I grow old. She will live a good life but one without me.

We found a fey elf while traveling home. She seemed to wander into this plane due to Bagoda’s meddling taking us home. She seemed lost and confused when she returned to consciousness. And upon talking to the Duke about her fate she holds more to her past then she is letting on. She offered to help us in our mission. Which now that the deal makers are back, seems to be returning to the arena to rescue Mireya’s family.

Trappers Tales XL
Unknown Date - Pyrrhic Victory

Well, we’ve been successful.
Sort of.
It doesn’t feel like it.

We’ve gotten the deal makers back into the world, and I kind of feel like The Black was a better option. Bagoda is already being awful, not that I really expected much else.
Firstly, she threatened to take Aaron and Mireya with her from this land of the dead when she left, and leave Roy and myself behind unless Mireya offered her an apology. I don’t know how she choked it out.

Then, as per some deal she’d apparently made with Aaron (He wasted no time getting back to basics with her), she brought Rowan back as well. Alive, unharmed. Apparently unborn. Well, new born. We emerged into some cave, and with us was Randall Tallstag, and “Donnagoda,” who was giving birth to a young red-haired girl, who Randall named Rowan. Always a bloody loophole.

We left, and went to Baecrest. With Baemore still under the control of The Black, we figured it best to check in on the Duke, Estelle and others.
He was happily home, but let us know that by being back he’d re-established some of his control, what was left to do was up to us, and we’d have to deal with The Black the old fashioned way.

Thus, we’re off to find the Black, and resort to violence. It’s what we do well, I guess.

The Lost One's Tome II
Without Choice

3rd 2nd day, Claw of Storms

I am so confused.  This place, the mortal plane they call it in their tongue, holds no familarity for me.  It is hard to describe; but everything seems dimmer?  As if all of the color and light in the world were drained to half of their normal glory. I do not like it.

I am alone with only four strangers to guide me. They seem kind enough so far and two of them are like me, but I know nothing of them besides that and their names. Perhaps volunteering to follow them into danger was not wise, but Mireya was kind to me and healed me. I felt I needed to do something to repay that. I know even less of their situation than I do of them aside from what they’ve told me. How accurate is even that much though? Still I agreed to help, despite having never fought a single battle in my life, out of gratitude and to prove they need not abandon me somewhere later on. I hate this helpessness and dependence. There’s not even the option of seeking a way home to escape it. Not as long as the wolf hunts me. The duke has made that clear.

I do not want to die, but I do not wish to live stuck as an outsider in a foreign world either. Few have ever cared about what I want out of life though, I suppose it should be no surprise fate is not any different.

Trappers Tales XXXIX
Timeless - Dead Heads

Well, recently I wrote that I needed to find ways to stop dying.
I am not off to a good start.

The difference is, this time it wasn’t quite as unexpected as usual. We were told we needed to make a potion in the alchemists lab, as previously mentioned, and we’d have a chance to go to another dimension to free the dealmakers, as awful as that concept is, but it was apparently the best way to go.

Personally, I’m not sure that the Black is bad enough to release Bagoda even if we didn’t have to die for it, but nevermind.

When we arrived on the other side we weren’t alone. Rowan was there, but seemingly without her memories. We took her with us, as we looked for our way forward. Hopefully we can help her, if not retrieve her.

We made our way down the river along a boat, with a minor detour to obtain tribute for access and a delay as we encountered the man who previously warned us of an ambush, and we’d ignored. Apparently we’d soon encounter two people, one a friend, the other a foe. Thus, when we came to a village, we were on guard. It looked mostly empty, except for a child who wanted friends, as his had all gone missing.

We dropped our guard.

It turned out his friends he wanted us to play with are pumpkin headed horrors and he was a fire demon. We dispatched them, but it was frustrating. We need to start listening to him, apparently.
Back tracking to the town, we discovered a man drinking inside the pub. He explained he was a shaman who was on some kind of spiritual journey, and had gotten stuck here. Apparently this village was where people who made deals with the deal makers serve penance, but with the fire demon around it had become an empty horror.
He also knew where the deal makers reside, so we’re soon off to catch up with them.

This wild ride seemingly has no end, and I don’t especially enjoy it.

An Alchemist's Tales XL

I… I have discovered something while being in this world. I Have discovered that I need to learn to let go… Death is not the end, Rowan is proof of that. She is here, well her shell is at least. She is still as kind as ever, but her memories are gone… To be quite honest she looks like Bagoda got a hold of her and took what made Rowan, Rowan… I am starting to realise how trading memories is a dangerous game, even more so than I did before. I am thankful that my most recent request was for a task, and not something personal that I might have deemed unimportant…

Rowan, after seeing you how you are, I might request you not be revived… Everyone has said their peace with you, we have an ending… If it was your time, than so be it… I… I would feel terrible if you came back as a shell of a person… It would ruin any chance Roy would have at moving on. and as much as I care for you I Don’t want to risk the people that are still alive.

Maybe this is the potion working on me, have I just grown colder to people? I feel like in the past I would blindly seek to bring her back if i could, but here I am second guessing that decision… Is this a new found wisdom… or am I… Changing…

On the subject of change, I feel this weird shift inside me. Like the ice isn’t settling… I am not quite sure but maybe something is missing… Maybe i am not strong enough to control it? I wouldn’t know what to do, maybe grandmother can help once we get this whole situation delt with… to be honest I worry I might not have a full party to travel with if my request backfires… or a party at all…

The Lost One's Tome I
Away from home

13th of Flamerule,

I write this entry with quivering hands.  My final destiny lies before me, and I march towards it with anticipation.  For soon my blade shall taste the blood lf the vial creature that has slain my kin.  I will have my vengeance.

I have ventured mountains and forest alike .  Slain every manner of beast from a simple wolf, to decrepid corpses.  And have not once faltered in my cause.  For that is not the heroes way.  This legacy shall be my greatest achievment, tp be remembered generations from now.

I go towards my glory and await the chance to record my deeds yet again.

- Reia Vasarius

The Next Page

Date Unknown,

Oh my.  Well they certainly were a dramatic one weren’t they?  I’m not quite sure who this Reia is or what they were seeking, but I can only assume they unfortunately did not suceed and are in fact the skeleton I found this tome and khol on.  Such a shame, they seemed alright, if not a bit dour. I would not have ripped out the other pages before that last one but they appeared to have had large amounts of dried blood on them. 

Well I hope you rest well miss Vasarius with your bones now burried, and that you do not mind me taking your pack and the journal and gems that were inside of it.  I do not like the idea of pilfering a corpse, but supplies are rare out here.

I guess this will be my journal from now on.  Where to start?  Firstly, my name is Solyn’ia.  Though most simply call me Ia.  I am from Aelin-Uial Allanar, but currently reside in an unknown part of the Feywilds. 

Sadly I am not some bold adventurer like this books predecessor, nor do I have some grande purpose for being here.  I simply happen to be very lost and have been for I assume several months now.  In truth I’ve never fought a day in my life.  The feywilds are just not a wise choice for storming off into. 

I do not know where to go next, or have any semblence of how to get back.  What I do know is I must keep trying at least.  The way I left things back home were not ideal, and I would hate for that to be my parents final memory of me.  So I suppose I’ll end my rest here and keep going for a few more hours.  I have been thinking of looking into a cave I found the other day. 

I’ve watched it and nothing seems to come in or out of it, nor does any noise happen during any hour.  Perhap’s I’ll find more salt portions to dry a few berries put with, or at least a safe nights rest in there. 

It’s strange, but it almost feels like something calling out to me to go inside and look.  As if I’m supposed to.  Maybe I have begun to go mad and am imagining it.  Or am being lured in by some sort of charm weilding fey creature.  Neither bodes well so I hope not. 

If I am however then I would ask whoever finds this to please bury any remains that were found near it.  And feel free to keep the journal and anything else on my person.  Clearly I will no longer be needing it.

A Blacksmith's Workings XXVI

“We will make it through this”

Those were the last words I spoke to you. I failed to protect you. Seeing you in this form now it hurts more then anything. I want to tell you so many things, but the words don’t come out. Seeing you again without your memories is torture beyond belief. You are before me once more, but I can’t reach you. I failed. So no matter the cost I’ll protect you once more. I’ll deliver you to your next destination.

This river that lays before us, I will guide you through. I will earn you passage past the Sphynx and the Dragon. No gate will stand in my way. I will solve the riddles and I will offer everything that I have to get you through. I will deal with anything that stands in my way, whether it be a demon child an its minions or the monsters that lurk in this land. I will find the way and take you there. I will confront the deal makers and find the exit to this land.

I will overcome anymore obstacles that stand in my way. I will give everything to keep you safe once more. And then I will do the hardest thing of all. More difficult then dealing with Bagoda more painful then the Lich, more destructive then The Black. I will say, “Goodbye”

An Alchemist's Tales XXXIX

I don’t have much to say… we are headed for another lab, and to find out if I made a horrible mistake, or if we really will be reunited with Rowan… I pray for the second option. To be honest I never know what to expect, especially after what I found out about her relations with my family… I probably shouldn’t have gone back there.. or even had the idea to… but I can’t help but feel like it was our only option.. she vanished. with no leads… they discovered nothing on their scouting mission either.

I fear the worst is yet to come.. who knows what we will find in this lab, if it truly is untouched I can only guess what will be inside… it might be worse than any drow we have faced before… as hard as that is to believe…

On a different note, I feel much stronger now. at least compared to dieing… The potion seems to have worked, but i can’t help but feel like something is missing… like i haven;t tapped into everything i am capable of. I guess i just need to give it time, this is all new to me I can’t expect to understand it all immediately.


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