The Enclave or “Gisiae en’ i’ Mallen”, are a group of Elves from the Ashen Forest, they are one of the recognized Organization in Province.

The Enclave is located in the Ashe Region, it is a very traditional style group, heavily relying on their traditions and ceremony to continue their way of life.

Many believe that the Enclave are a Druid specific organization, they are in fact a group that is dedicated to the balance of nature and preserving it, they are not restrictive to Druids but to join, one must be of a specific way of life, most often, Druids, Fey Paladins and sometimes there are rumors of Mages who have become bound to Fey to grant them powers.

The Enclave makes their home in a grove that appears to be magically protected and some even rumor that Fey protect it as well.


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