Language and Speech

The main language of this campaign is “Common”. When interacting with creatures and people through out Carla proper dialogue can earn Inspiration.

As well, when speaking through your character, every player is encouraged to use a “Voice” they’ve made up for their player character, Such as a family who had recently immigrated from Barrel, a PC would have more of a “British” accent.

Words such as “Fuck” and other commonly spoken swear words used in the English Language do not exist, there for alternatives are the way to go!


Names for Dwarves:

-Tunnel Rats
-Short Men
-Dirt Men

Worded Insults
“I fear if I were to fight you my ankles would be sore after!”
“I fear it would be an unfair fight, half of man could only hope but to reach above my waist.”

Names for Elves:

-Knife Ears
-Tree Lover

Worded Insults
“It’s not that I don’t think you can fight, it’s just… I’d hate for you to get dirty.”

Language and Speech

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