Players Guide

Players guide to being a member of this campaign

5E D&D, below is a auto download PDF from WoC for the SRD.

This is a link to the list of house rules that have been changed.

Class Restrictions:
No classes are restricted, but for sake of story and immersion, all players are asked to play “More mundane themed class” Eg. Interested in playing a ranger? Play a warrior instead who uses bows. – Have something specific you wanted as a ranger? Things can be worked out.

One class at a time, eg. Only one Wizard in the group at a time.

Race Restrictions:
Only races that have been unlocked through story may be used. Human being the primary one. See DM for details.

All backgrounds are custom made to fit the story, a link to all backgrounds is pasted below. Requests for alternate backgrounds can be made.

Every character must have a life long goal, They can be premade or be developed through the first 1 or 2 sessions of that characters existence. Each character will be given some type of high reward for their goal accomplishment.

Examples of starting goals
- Become a master black smith
- Find a legendary ingredient for a powerful potion
- Own your own Inn
- Find your parents killers (No edge masters please)

Examples of Progression Goals
- To hunt down an enemy that got away
- To learn how to use magic (E.g. Multi class from Fighter to Fighter/Wizard)

Feel free to use your imagination and talk about it with me.

Quirks and Fears

Adding flavor to a character is a great way to add interesting things to your character. Although they don’t all need to be complex or “special snowflakey” adding a quark or fear is a great way to add flavor.

- When picking out a quark or a fear, insure you figure out what your fellow PC friends would know with being friends for so long.

- Biting nails when anxious or in a dangerous situation
- Always needing to write everything down.

- Being afraid of the dark
- Being afraid of spiders
- Being afraid to die
- Being afraid to be hit

All players will only be able to speak common. – As the story moves forward this will change.

Standard stat array is what all players will use for level 1 characters and above. When starting, all “Peasant” characters will use the “Peasant stat array”

Standard array: 15,14,13,12,10,8
Peasant array: 12,8,10,10,10,10

Your “Peasant array” 12 may not be lowered when you gain the “Standard array”. Your 8 may not shift to another attribute. (These two should represent the highest and lowest stats for your character as you progress throughout the campaign.

Character sheets
All character sheets will be maintained through Roll20, all weights, items, languages ect. must be filled in.

Prepared spells
Prepared spells must be listed in character info, changing a spell will require it to be said via chat and a change in character sheet.

Character design
-Recommended 2 characters as death is real and a possibility
-All characters must have a relationship to someone in the town, as a child, a niece, nephew, ect.
-A ll characters are friends with other characters, this relationship should be for roughly 5+ years
-All characters should be between 16-19 in years of age

Starting items:

See me :D

Starting Weapons: (Level 0)
Each player may choose a weapon style one random weapon will be given to a player in that set. Eg. Player picks One Handed Small weapon, they may receive a hatchet as a gift before going anywhere in story.

- One Handed (Swords, Axes, ect.) 1d3
- Two Handed 2d2
- One Handed Small (Daggers, hatchet, ect) 1d2
- Ranged 1d4
- Alchemy Potions (To resemble magic) 1d4

Once level one has been reached, any weapons can be used to their full power.

Players Guide

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