The Nameless War

The Nameless Wars began 28 years ago, King Jaravar Durth swept through the lands on a holy crusades in the name of Pelor.

Seeing their brothers slaughtered at Doomhammer Forge, the Shatter Stone Clan barricaded themselves deep within the Forodan Mountains. Seeing the armies sweep around their forests, the Fey Elves of Ireth Allanar, Balanash Allanar and the other, smaller cities barricaded themselves in the realm of the fey; closing off their giant beautiful cities off from the world.

After 10 years of war, an Order; made up of powerful warriors and wizards known as The Order of the Piercing Light rose up, it was lead by a wizard of ancient power, a Shardmind known as Saris. The Order had many legendary warriors, from the Prince Portis Doomhammer himself to the now sitting king of Paramar.

With the Order becoming a true threat to Paramar, High Paladin Pracila Armond was dispatched to kill those loyal to this Order. Pracilia believed that she had succeeded when she managed to turn Saris to her side

The Nameless War

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