Leveling up:

Leveling in this campaign will admittedly be slow, the direction of this campaign is a great deal of lower level options.

It is recommended that you plan a character for enjoyment for levels 1-5, although the intended length could very well go longer, do not plan your character to “Be strong at level 12” ect.

Gaining training in Skills:

To train in a skill after hitting level 1 you will need to find a way to learn it, such as find a master bard who can offer training in Performance.

Multi classing:

Although Multi classing is encouraged to enjoy various aspects of your character, when seeking training in another class you will need to find a way to learn these skills,

Such as becoming a multi class Paladin, you will need to find a way to train as a paladin, finding an old trainer, ect.


Once you finish your first session after hitting a new level, if you do not like a choice you’ve made; you will have until the next session to change it as long as you tell me what changes are being made.

If you intend to do something, even if it’s last minute, tell me. Even if you level a session or two behind the rest of the party we will work it out.


A Fallen Light, A New Hope Raijen_Valor