A Fallen Light, A New Hope

A Blacksmith's Workings III

21st of Eleint

Returning to Baemore was good. Anzo is safe at least for now. He will probably get into trouble again one way or another. Captain Tristan is no longer guarding the main gate. Which will make leaving and entering town easier, but will mean he will be patrolling around town more. He has it out for Anzo. I am happy for Anzo and Mireya. While we are looking for her brother I must make sure no harm comes to her, for his sake.

Sollen seems content with her life at the inn for now. Iona’s grandmother is hopefully okay with her staying and working there. I worry about Sollen surviving in an unknown world. Professor Lockly was also in the tavern. We discussed the futures of the fort the others had plans to build. It may make a nice home one day.

I invited Rowan to come with us to the forest to look for Mireya’s brother. Her skills will hopefully prove useful to the group when dealing with that forest and the monsters that lie inside.

The White Lady offered a deal to Mireya to help return her brother. I don’t know what the deal was and I have no desire to find out. The deals that are being given to this group seem to end in travesty. Iona’s death may have been linked to such a deal. I would rather not visit the White Lady again. The dreams she showed me were disturbing. Seeing the death of Anzo and the picture of Mireya. I’m not quite sure how, but their fate’s are intertwined if this vision holds any truth. But of course it was a silly dream. It holds no weight in this world, there was no reason to involve others in the content of my dream.



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