A Fallen Light, A New Hope

A Blacksmith's Workings XIII


1st of Uktar

I think I have made some poor choices these last few weeks. The letter to mother was probably not in my best interest. Her reaction to the events was terrifying. Even if the letter had reached her, I think it would have been worse. She would have arrived in Baemore thinking Kosef was dead. I worry how long she plans to stay in this area. She could complicate matters with Bagoda and my family, there is also Rowan to consider. She may not approve of the choices I am making, especially when it comes to Rowan and Kosef.

The Brotherhood we visited was a mistake. We should have never gone there. I gave them to much credit as a group. I hoped they would see me as a victim rather then a monster. That was my mistake. I should not have talked with them or talked with them as a group. I expected too much out of these fanatics. I lost the mask and my hammer because of this. The hammer was a good weapon but the greatsword I retrieved so long ago is a fine weapon, especially now that it is repaired. The mask worries me. On one hand it is no longer in my possession and I don’t have to worry about its affects on me. Yet it is still out there and so is its sister. I fear what happens if the use the mask or its location is discovered. I can only hope that their fear will bury that item forever.

One final note is that the mask’s location may prove to be valuable information in the future.



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