A Fallen Light, A New Hope

A Blacksmith's Workings XIV


8th of Uktar

We traveled to a location where a supposed treasure was located. This treasure was something the others knew about from before I joined. It didn’t turn out to be a simple retrieval like we thought it would be. It appeared that something had corrupted the forest. It took hold of most of us, but Mireya managed to snap me out of it. Another magic that rendered me helpless and unable to combat. A fey creature requested us to deal with an issue that was plaguing the forest and her home. We were there for treasure, but it turned out the two were related.

The chest we were seeking turned out to be dozens of chests and one very large angry chest with wings. An interesting creature. It had an unnatural desire to try and eat us. The chests quickly surrounded us but we managed to deal with them with only slight issue. Rowan had a rough time and due to the nature of the creature I had issues keeping up with it. I need to get faster and I need to be ready to help my allies when they are in trouble.

We returned to base for a few dull cold days of rest before setting out towards Deepwater Burrow. We decided to postpone the elves in search of professor Lockley to help us with expanding our home. It is… getting a bit cramped in there. We reached Hull to find out it was taken over completely by vampires. We chose it was best to run from them after accidentally angering them. I feel like that will not be the last time we deal with the vampires in hull.

Deepwater Burrow doesn’t seem to be much better of a place. We found Professor Lockley who has tasked us with finding an object that was stolen from him. He seemed to not want to tell us exactly what we were looking for.



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