A Fallen Light, A New Hope

A Blacksmith's Workings XV


8th of Uktar

Who would want us dead? There are a few, but I am unsure who among them would send mercenaries after us. This is not like Bagoda, so for once I don’t think she is involved. It could be the Brotherhood, but I would assume they would take care of this problem themselves. Whoever it is, I will make sure that person pays for trying to kill us.

Arseni has been acting strange these last few days. Magic has been strange around him, well stranger then usual. It seems to be occurring without his control and during his sleep. The elves are saying that it has to do with the glass he carries around and a man known as The Author. In order for us to do we must go into the lands of the author. Into the stories themselves. This magic is new to me. We are headed to worlds that exist like this one. Similar to the feywild I guess.



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