A Fallen Light, A New Hope

A Blacksmith's Workings XXII


Every time I close my eyes I see the image of Rowan collapsed before me. Whatever that creature was it took hold of me and asked me to do unspeakable things to my friends. And I just agreed to do it all. I attacked Mireya without hesitation. I then lied to them and after they trusted me I took my hammer and went after Rowan. I struck her down amidst her pleas for me to stop.

No matter if I had control or not, I’m to blame. How can Mireya trust me after I attacked her? Will Rowan look at me the same way after I told her I would kill her? We accomplished something so great, but it doesn’t matter anymore. We defeated Azir and Mara, we stopped him and his control of the undead. But now what? The alchemist’s lab is out of the question, I don’t think we will get away that easily from that monster again. I guess I should talk to mother.



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