A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Alchemist's Journal

Insanity of the Alchemist

They claimed it was insanity, that he didn’t exist… They have no idea about anything, they know nothing…

I will find it him, I will find him.

The ramblings of the man in this journal seem to go on for pages upon pages

Page 1

I have sculpted a passage between worlds; a way to travel to the Fey Wilds, the Elves of this land are Ancestral to my own kind; I almost appear to be one of them but the older ones could tell I was foreign….

Page 20

The ruins are set; but it seems my ingredients are resonating something that is attracting others, Elves… but darker; I have never seen their kind before. Soon enough they will find the entrance…

Page 37

The traps are set, even if they do manage to get in, I had asked one of the Elves from the Lake city to assist me in my venture; he agreed. He told me of the beings that attempt to invade my ruin, “Mori’Quessir” he called them… I called them “Drow”, Mori is a direct translation to Dark in the common language; Dark Elves, Drow…

Page 52

I have set this place up as I continue my search for The Watcher, I have managed to find references to what I believe is him in an old Elven ruin in the Fey Wilds…

Page 132

I have searched, it has been nearly 8 years but I cannot find any thing that references him… I have left most of my things and am searching for a new lead… I know that his shrine is somewhere on this island; I just know not what reality it lay… I believe that the forests to the south east will yield something.



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