A Fallen Light, A New Hope

An Alchemist's Tale V

6th 1st day, Kythorn,

It’s over, Iona’s actions have sealed someone’s fate. I wasn’t fast enough to save it her. Keslla I am sorry I couldn’t save you, but i promise you I will end this curse that has plagued your town. I will deliver the flowers to my grandmother. and i will not open the pouch you left for me until I finish both of these tasks. Rest in piece new friend and know that your town will be returned to its former glory some day.

We had a rough day through the myre, and we finally reached the cathedral. we head out for raven crest manor in the morning, I am leaving Hero behind, a house is no place for a bird. But I know that we will be reunited. As for the manor, well let’s hope that this curse is willing to go peacefully I don’t want to see more death… although i imagine that is nothing but a child’s wish

Kaleb, I am being safe, but if i don’t make it back, it’s no ones fault but my own.. I love you, and its going to be a hard day tomorrow. I hope you never have to read this, but if you do I am sorry. and take care of grandmother for me…

~Aaron Lyne
Proud Alchemist in training.



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