A Fallen Light, A New Hope

An Alchemist's Tale XVIII

21st of Eleint

A dream? no it was a nightmare. I for some odd reason feel lucky to be awake this morning… I can’t explain it, but the dream felt so real like it was some stupid magic that was showing me a cruel future… Iona and Selise? how could they be there… Yet everyone was there… and if it was a dream of something I wanted to see… why would Kaleb be with Ander still… I don’t believe this was a desire… but than again, it could be a sign of the future… maybe there is still a way to save Selise and Iona from Bagoda?

At any rate I feel like this is a sign i need to let go… It’s clearly affecting me in a way i didn’t realize… and I still need to keep exploring… which means when i get home I well… no longer have a home… I guess it’s time to grow up and accept this is my life now. I am an adventurer there is no time for romance when I can’t be around to enjoy it, or help it grow… It isn’t fair to anyone…

There is one good thing this dream did show me, even after Kaleb, even after everything i need to do is done. I will be happy. I will find the man I should be with. Devon was his name? well I won’t hold onto any fantasies, but I always did like Blondes….

For now I move forward. not thinking about fantasies. not thinking about deals. just me adn my future as an adventurer after are done with this I am going to suggest we stop at the arena, I could use a good rest on a decent bed. this will also let us collect some gold that was left behind. that stash maybe we can get an alchemy lab going in our new hide out, with out it my skills will be wasted, and it would be a pain to have to ask grandmother to use her equipment if i am not longer living there…



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