A Fallen Light, A New Hope

An Alchemist's Tale XXIX

Well, it looks like we have more enemies than we thought… and they are beginning to come after us. I should have seen this coming, we have been annoying a lot of people, and been letting them live to fester in their anger. this just brings on nothing but wanting revenge… Who did this exactly I do not know, even with out knowing the gender, which is a woman. i have ruled out a few people. mainly those that don;t need to hire mercenaries to kill us, but who?

I will quite honest with myself. the who seems to be irrelevant. It’s happening. and I am starting to think that maybe being the good guy isn’t working out… I am not trying to convince myself that killing everyone is needed. I actually loath the idea… I enjoy helping people… before all of this started happening, I would make potions to help people… but I… I can’t help but believe that maybe killing a few horrible people might save us a lot of problems in the future.

I don’t think my friends will see it that way… but maybe i need to take it upon myself to grow up and protect us… if we are making enemies and letting them live its doing nothing but hurting us… I guess the question is… how do I determine who is dangerous enough to not let live…

at any rate this is not something I will decide overnight. and probably with out discussion… but this might be something that needs to be brought up… or just done, even if the others do not agree. I will not risk anymore people hunting us down…



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