A Fallen Light, A New Hope

An Alchemist's Tale XXVII

1st of Uktar

I don’t know what to say.. this power I feel… its so different and nothing like I would have ever imagined… just think what i could do if I took the time to study this… No. I have more important things to do, i can study when it is done. but this power to protect myself and aid others… I feel like I am empowered! I must keep practicing the justicar, she is amazingly talented. I hope I can make her proud, maybe i can join her order when this is all said and done. Keep and eye on Baemore as I run the alchemy shop… these are all thoughts to think about for the future… for now. the alchemist and the elves… Our next major destination. I plan on using my time there wisely, I plan on asking someone to teach me their language. or at least start the process. this is something that will take months of practice.. but if we spend enough time in their city it will speed up the process by a small amount i am sure.

But first something needs to be attended to. I have let more important tasks stop me from pushing this for to long, but with our loss at the arena It is important that we get all the gold we can. That stash needs to be found, and to be honest i worry with whats going on there.. every time we go by the path to hayfield it seems like something has changed… i feel like we will need to liberate that city once more… i just don’t know to what extent…

Eitherway we need to get some rest here before we set out… hopefully I cna practice my new found abilities and be able to use them soon.

P.S I have gone to speak to the black about finding phineas if i do not return I pray someone looks here to know where i went. I do not plan to attack him or let him on that i am aware of anything.



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