A Fallen Light, A New Hope

An Assassin's Log I

A new chapter

An entry in Iona’s Journal that appears to be written about several unimportant and unassuming observations at first glance, but translated from thieves cant reads as follows:

I have been given an interesting opportunity. It seems that from now on Mara will be assigning me missions to dispose of people for payment. Part of me feels uneasy and conflicted, but I made my choice and I will have to either live with it or die by Mara’s blade I’m sure.

The others would be so disappointed in me…but in a way I’m doing this for them aren’t I? To get stronger and keep them safe, to not be too soft and be able to do what needs to be done for their sakes. Yes, I will bear the burden of my conscious, and in return be able to walk by my friends and loved ones sides knowing I can protect them. It is a fair trade I think.

I have some items I need to look around for, and I think a little acorn may be of assistance for some of them.



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