A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Blacksmith's Workings Final


It’s been months since the events that claimed the city from The Black. The sounds of banging metal erupt from the silence of the early morning. A man is working at a small makeshift blacksmith area. The young man is in simple clothes and his wearing boots and leather gloves. His hammer is of a quality that is well beyond the forge he is using. The red hot piece of metal he is hammering begins to flatten. Satisfied with the length he moves it back to the fire. After a short time he moves the metal back to the anvil. He begins to hammer the metal and shape an edge into a blade. He knows the edge must good as this piece will see a lot of use in the next few months. After another cycle of heating and hammering a place for the handle has taken shape. The man is finishing his work as a voice erupts from the distance.

A woman’s voice rather harsh and serious tone is heard, “Roy, we are leaving.” The young man stops his hammering and inspects the blade. Satisfied that the shovel is formed he takes it and quenches the tool into water. He reaches off to the side and picks up a rather large sword and small backpack. He starts to walk away from the forge before stopping after a few steps. Roy turns back and stares towards the forge for a moment. He pauses and thinks back to those he lost and those he left behind. He turns away and starts moving forward.



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