A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Catalog of a Cartographer V

Personal Log 5

It is certainly nice to be back in Baemore, but the world has gotten even stranger in our absence. We were able to deal with the undead issue, although that was partly thanks to Arseni’s Unicorn. It turns out that the Mayor, and some of the townspeople, of Lanewood had murdered, raped, and pillaged the Ravencrest family and their estate. Lander certainly had a traumatic childhood, but I hope he appreciates us putting his family’s spirits to rest. While I was in the library, there was some drama with Iona that ended up with the Lanewood alchemist being killed by one of the group that killed the Ravencrests. We left town afterwards and headed north to find a priestess who we were told would have more information.

On the way, we met Analissa, an elf who helped us get safely to the ruined chapel where the priestess and a group of refugees were hiding. The priestess, Kestral, told us she could purify the bodies of the dead Ravencrests if we could find them in the ruins of their estate. Analissa stayed behind to protect the refugees while the rest of us pressed on to the estate. The estate was heavily haunted and it was clear that the ghosts were messing with us. The most annoying were two ghost children that had stolen some statue key things that we needed to get to the body of Lady Ravencrest. There was little actual danger until we entered the graveyard to purify the body of Lord Ravencrest. He was some sort of black smoke monster and he had a leaping jelly-filled undead and two rusty suits of armor helping him. As I mentioned earlier, the fight looked grim until Arseni somehow got a Unicorn to help fight Lord Ravencrest. The fight was over quickly, and Kestral purified the last body.

With Kestral backing us up, we returned to Lanewood and told the population the truth about the Mayor and his co-conspirators. They, and Iona, wanted the Mayor dead, and although we left before the sentence was carried out, justice was served at last. We stopped by Bagoda’s on the way out of Crestwood, but nothing of interest happened until we got back to the arena. Iona and I went to watch the fight while the others cleaned up, and we saw Kara fighting. She always loved adventure, but I never thought she would choose to fight in the arena; although to be fair I would never expect I would have fought in the arena. Kara ran off before we could talk to her, and we have not been able to find her since returning to Baemore. Oh, while we were resting a night in the chapel, Analissa showed by how to carve runes into arrows or bolts so they can do some of the things she was doing. I also got my hands on a repeating crossbow that can be held in one hand that should be quite helpful if we run into more trouble.



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