A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Heat of the Moment

A moment in time

If all else fails you can always just jump behind me and hide!

She’d laughed then. She’d smiled and nudged him like always whenever she poked fun at him and kept going thinking it was going to be like any other fight. They’d take a few hits, get back up, and beat the other guys down until they stopped hitting them. Simple. They’d done it a million times. So why did this have to be different?

Duck, weave sprint…a blade to the side. Like fire under her skin the pain explodes and she’s fairly sure she feels a steady flow of blood rolling down beneath her armor. Typical repairs will be needed. It’s a nasty thing but there’s still too many up to take a knee and Aaron’s just about slaughtered the one attacking her anyways. She fires two more into that woman. Arseni is down. Mireya is down. They have to hurry.

The adrenaline had powered her through it, she’d been going strong, so why couldn’t she have gotten there sooner? She knew they were in danger. She knew.

The leader goes down not a second after giving them a death sentence. She could practically worship Aaron for his timing. They’ll have to laugh about it later. She sees the path to them open and bolts. She turns to the line gathering to box in Aaron and fires two shots back every few steps. Run, shoot, miss, hit, run, shoot, hit, hit-

Sodding javelins! It pegs her right in the thigh and she stumbles yelping. Another one flies less than a few moments later this time the side of her neck gets a clean swipe. She hears her heartbeat pounding and feels the familiar heaviness settling her body that tells her she’s on her last limb. She picks herself up. Everything is fuzzy. Is that Aaron screaming? One glance back. He’s holding his shoulder.

Two more shots. One more horseman. One miss and one great hit right between the eyes. She’s too dizzy to think about the man she just killed and keeps wobbling to Mireya. A shaking hand already getting a salve from her pack. It’s a new recipe, longer to make but about twice as strong. It’s almost over, they’ve won.

They lost him. She let him go. She was supposed to keep him safe. Protect Hordegeirrs little brother, like he was her own younger brother. Then again, wasn’t he?

She’s plucking arrows up, two missed shots from the ground, and one that sailed clean through and managed to not get too much gore to ruin it. The last she salvages from a soldiers shoulder right as Mireya screams out. She turns quick and sprints over. Mireya’s healing really can perform miracles if one surge can have her moving this quick after the beating she took.

They need one more miracle it seems

Now she’s kneeling, weeping, and begging to every god that has ignored her prayers so far for one thing in her mind.

Please give him back.



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