A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Lost at Night

Seeking Aaron

The days are getting colder and colder, the snow is lightly falling as the winter months are truly here. The night sky over head is illuminated by the full moon in the sky; it brightens the ground and clearly defines the dirt path. Spots on the ground are covered by clouds; everything is silent, no animals can be heard.

His boots landed on the snow, crunching both the grass and the snow, the shivers could be heard in his voice “Where..? Where is it.” Looking around; a young man cloaked in a long grey travelers cloak franticly moved towards the woods West of Baemore.

The night sky was coming quickly as the young man was getting lost, the paths forking all over. Howling of wolves could be heard in the trees; the young man draws a long sword that bares the crest of Baemore “Aaron, where did you hide yourself away to…”



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