A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Tales of the Huntress I

A new chapter

21st of Eleint

My life has taken a strange turn since I wrote in my last journal. For one, I found out that Roy is planning on staying with the group long term it sounds like. Something to do with looking after the Fairchild girl, Anzo seems to be sweet on her. Secondly, I’ve thrown my lot in with them myself. They needed some help getting through the forests they were going to. I’ve never been to the Ashen Woods, but I figured I could at least give basic insight on typical signs you see out in the woods.

Had a good night out with HroÐgeirr and Roy before we left. It felt nice to be around my best friends again, especially since HroÐgeirr is back to his old self again, and with Roy being so busy lately…

Well I’ll just be happy that we had that one good night for now.

I’m going to regret not letting dad and Randal know I was leaving town I just know it. Well Randal more than dad I suspect. Especially if he finds out why I was several days late returning home. I swear he forgets which one of us is the older sibling sometimes. Dad at least realizes I’m an adult.

We set off first thing in the morning. I managed to nag a nice buck on the way there. The pelt wasn’t good enough quality for skinning though. Unfortunate, a good buck skin can fetch a pretty price. I learned pretty quick they’re a bit of a morbid bunch. There’s a lot of bitterness over something. I don’t think it’s just Mireya’s brother being missing either. Poor folks have probably been through the worst of it and then some. Although it would be appreciated if it didn’t feel like they’re afraid I’ll drop dead from a sturdy breeze swifting through. I’ve been shooting things down on my own since I was thirteen, and helping the old man with it two years before that.

We made it through the shallows of the woods pretty easily and they gave me good enough directions to find an outpost. It was amazing. The elf woman there was so knowledgable and had an authority to her I couldn’t help but respect. We couldn’t get a guide, but I stepped up. I mean that’s what they brought me for isn’t it? They also talked about something called the Enclave. Which sounds fantastic! I’d love to meet this group someday.

The forest hear is beautiful by the way. I’d go as far to say awe inspiring. Everything is so in harmony and just…well I’d almost call it magical.

Making my way through the woods to the locations they gave me was easier than I thought. Well not easy, took every bit of concentration I had to look around and get us through, but we didn’t get lost once. I felt proud of myself. I mean, these people have done a lot for others, being able to do a small thing for them felt nice.

There was just one thing that bothered me about the trip. Meeting the white lady has left me nervous. Making deals with powerful ancient beings never ends well in the old stories. There’s always a catch. I’m glad Mireya didn’t take whatever deal she was offered.

Not only the deals were the issue though. Inside her tower I saw…or maybe just dreamt it. What does it mean if it was a dream though? Why would Randal turn into a monster? I’m putting too much thought into this.

Everything will be fine.




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