A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Tales of the Huntress XIII

Running Errands

13th of Uktar

Well that was certainly an interesting train of events. We were chasing news of Lockley’s stolen item and it seemed like it just set off a chain reaction of favors. Half orc criminals fleeing town, gambling gnomes, creepy Drow store owners, it just didn’t seem like it was going to ever end! I was certain we’d be broke and promising another dozen favors by the end of the night. Thankfully the bookstore owner knew where to send us, although I think we could have handled the retrieval better.

At least none of those men died, even if they were a gang we can’t just go around killing everyone who gets in our way. Although hitting them very hard and knocking them out is another story. I honestly wish we could have done a bit more than that between that damned gnome cheating us out of our money and that pig from the bar.

More so the latter than the former, at least with the gnome I was at partial blame for playing against a man I realized was cheating. I thought I could catch him and win that way, he was a bit faster than I thought though. Guard captain grab hands was just a drunk pervert who could not understand when a lady has no interest in his “affections”. I feel dirty just thinking of that swine. I can’t believe he touched me! I don’t even want to think of that filthy cad any further. All I can say is thank the divines for Roy’s interference. Social awkwardness has never been my battlefield of choice.

Speaking of which. He had his own case of unwanted affections from that pushy harlot we helped escape town. Actually told me a bit about what happened up there, not that I was concerned, but I was interested in why that scag had the exact same hair as me just about. Color, length, and even the same curls! I don’t want to think of the frightening implications of someone with the ability to take on another person’s features at will. Or the discussion that had to take place preceding that. Seriously does everyone in that town have to be so damned creepy!

At any rate I’m just glad to put that nonsense behind us and to be back on track in our search for the watcher. Aaron told us about an old ally whose given some new information, and agreed to try an help get out of his deal with the Black. I hope for his sake they succeed. We don’t need anymore deals weighing us down. Especially with the stakes getting so high.

Hopefully the elves can get us some answers. It’s a bit uncertain whether we’ll be seeing the fey or wood elves for this. While I’m a bit concerned over the safety of the fey wilds, I have to admit the idea of seeing them and that marvelous city again would be exciting! And perhaps we’d even be allowed to speak with Gabriel again! I’d love to tell him some of the stranger things I’ve seen on our plane since we last met, maybe even get a few more stories from him in exchange.

The main priority is getting Aaron and Roy’s equipment and information settled of course, but I suppose I can’t help but hope with all the mess that’s happened recently to want to feel more of that excitement from when I first joined. Either way we’ll get the help we need and be one step closer into further danger.

May Avandra’s fortunate gaze rest upon us all.



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