A Fallen Light, A New Hope

The Healer's Diary XXII

Mireya's Thoughts Vol. 22

8th of Uktar

Well, that was beyond frustrating. Something that we thought would be so simple as gathering up a bit of old treasure turned into yet another fight, ending with yet another friend teetering on the precipice of death. On a positive note, I could say that I was happy to have helped the poor faerie who called us to that place find justice for what had happened to her home. But on the other hand, we really had no choice in the matter and were hardly at our full potential. Had that mimic or its offspring been any stronger, I’m not entirely sure what would have happened. Rowan might not be with us now, and perhaps Aaron too.

The rest that we took back in the forest may have cost us time, but was well needed. No one can dice with death so often and still manage to keep going without the downtime to recover. It makes me wonder, sometimes, how long we can really go on like this before something snaps within one of us. Mentally, I feel like I’m on edge all the time.

That can’t be sustainable, can it?

Anyway, a few days and a blizzard later, we were on the road again to find Professor Lockley. I’m sorry to say that we made the mistake of stopping in Hull on the way down south towards Deepwater Burrow. I should have known better after what happened last time, but my error in judgement was more in thinking it might be an easier option than trekking through the snow and taking the long way around.

As it turns out, the place is now not only presided over, but overrun with vampires. I count us lucky to have gotten out as we did, for I’m certain that we would have been captured otherwise. After what curse Persephone bestowed on me last time we decided to play with such dark forces, I have no desire to venture into that lion’s den again so soon.

As much as I hate to say it, the town is doomed… at least for now. When we are stronger, we must return, we must free the souls trapped there still — and if they no longer exist, then we must eradicate the vile malevolence which has taken over. Such a den of evil cannot be allowed to remain in the world if I can help it.

But for now, our destinies lay on another track. Or should I say “destiny” at all? Is it destiny, or forces beyond our knowing pushing us in a certain direction to accomplish some further, overarching goal? Sometimes I think we have no say in what happens or where we are lead, like we are puppets on strings being orchestrated by some larger master of the universe. Even now, when all we had ventured here to do was to commission the professor, we are dragged into some further mystery, charged with taking care of things before we can have what we came for.

When does it stop? When do we take things into our own hands, and begin to resist the pull of the needs of others?

It feels selfish… and yet that is what I wonder these days.



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