A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Trappers Tales - Epilogue


I wonder if I made the right choice? Probably not. But neither did Mireya, so at least I’m not alone. And this way, Roy is safe. Safe enough. Perhaps if Mireya didn’t make her decision they’d have been able to find another way to save Roy, but I guess we’ll never know, now.

I wonder who the girl was. I wonder if she thought I was rescuing her. I suppose I did, in a way, anyway, but I can’t help but feel as though I lied to her. Well, maybe not. She won’t be in pain anymore, and won’t be tortured further. One brief pain, at worst, and she was free. Kind of.

I wonder what Lexana will ask of me next. Will she teach me, or just use what I am currently? Will I be able to have any influence on my life, or am I as much a slave now as I would have been otherwise? Will I be able to turn her, or become strong enough to overcome her later?

I wonder if I’ll get to see my friends again. I only just found Kara, and now I may have to lose her again. And Zia will worry if I don’t check in occasionally. I also worry about Aaron, now his wisdom is gone. At least Roy will be fine, I made sure of that. Well, assuming I behave myself. Maybe I’ve doomed us both.

Ultimately, I wonder what caused us to be cursed like this. A quirk of chance? Fate? The gods showing how little they care for us, once again?
I don’t think we’ll ever know. Only have to deal with the consequences.



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