A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Trapper's Tales XLIII

Dark Paths

Well, this probably isn’t good.

That lich we ran into in the southern Crestwood is back in our lives. According to the Duke she wants to take over the island and set up her own kingdom, and the most efficient way for her to do this is by using undead, so if we’re not careful our homes will be overrun by undead, vampires, ancient deal making magic users and the gods who abandoned us only know what else.

It’s apparently why Roy is getting stalked by the… thing. She apparently wants him as a protector, having proven his worth by defeating it previously.
However, it’s not the only thing she’s after. Apparently as an unaligned magic user, I’m worth something to her as an apprentice. I guess she doesn’t know that I can’t really control it very well.

Still, maybe there’ll be something good we can make from this. If we can convince her to make her island home elsewhere, on a little unpopulated island, maybe? she’ll be happy enough, and I may be able to learn something along the way.
I’m not so sure that Roy will be able to benefit as much from being stalked by her thing, though.



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