A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Trappers Tales XVII

Unknown date - Hopefully Not A Fey Wild Goose Chase

Unknown date and location

I’d been worried about what to expect when I heard where we were heading, but I shouldn’t have been. It’s amazing.

After Mireya turned down the cup from the Arch-Fates we weren’t returned to the cave we came from, but instead found ourselves in a strange forest. Even Mireya said she didn’t even recognise any of the plants.

Fortunately, before we got too lost, and in too much trouble with one of the crazy forest denizens, we were found by some elves. However, they said something curious. They were from Aelin Uial Allanar, the city that Sollen Dahl had told us about. I assumed we’d somehow popped out in a when, instead of where, but we were informed that we’d entered something known as the “fey wild.” It means very little to me, but perhaps we can ask someone else about it later.

Given both what Sollen Dahl told us about the elves of this city, and how Iona was treated by humans, and some of the concern and criticism she received from the elves of Dolan’esca, I was a little worried about how they’d react to me looking like a half elf, but I need not have worried. They are seemingly incredibly open minded and welcomed every one of us with open arms.

They also seem to be a wellspring of knowledge, and are able to help with both an issue for Mireya and seem to know the location of a lost alchemy lab which may hold the answers about the potion I’m looking for, to get back to being me.
I’m not sure how I’ll explain my absence to those in Baemore when I manage to get fixed, but I am looking forward to it.



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