A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Trappers Tales XXVI

1st 1st day, Uktar - Making Friends

1st 1st day, Uktar

Well, on the bright side, I’m not alone in fearing my magic.
On the other hand, if these people knew quite why I’m afraid of it they’d probably be less friendly.

They are friendly people, which is what makes it so disappointing that they’re so unreasoning. I got to talking with one of the guards, and I feel that they were guarding us in no uncertain terms, and he seemed a right good sort. Given how Roy was bundled off, I’d hoped to kind of talk him over to our side, as it were, and get some assistance. Mireya and Aaron were manufacturing a plan, and I was going to help them, but instead I wound up just being a distraction to the guards.

I’d hoped to have a little more time working on him when I asked about sitting at his table while eating, but instead he came to us. For some reason he didn’t think it odd when everyone else bundled out the room, which was fortunate.

They used the time well, and found Roy in a cell proper, before coming back to me. I think I was starting to make a legitimate connection with the man, because when it came time to leave he decidedly didn’t want me to.

We had to leave the mask and Roy’s hammer behind, so I’m hoping if we return to the nest of fanatics my association with him will help, and either he’ll be a little softer towards us than otherwise or be able to obtain the items somehow.



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