A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Trappers Tales XXVII

2nd 1st day, Uktar - Directions

2nd 1st day, Uktar

Apparently we’ve been spending too much time up north.

I mean, it makes sense given what we’ve had going on with Bagoda and everything, but even with our recent trip to Dalewin I didn’t realise how bad it had gotten south of Kestrell’s Corner.

Obviously the Silent Lambs are just insane, and not helpful, but Hull has somehow gotten significantly worse than when we came through. Not only are these vampires able to make do in the sun with cloaks, but they’re now bold enough to start patrolling and accosting people going past.

I wonder how many travellers they’ve brought in and done unspeakable things to. With the benefit of our travels we’ve been exposed to enough troubles to kind of have an intuition about these things, but I doubt everyone has the same.

I suppose it’s something we’ll need to deal with, we can’t have the entire region south of Kestrell’s Corner become unsafe to travel. I don’t know how, though. I don’t feel we’re strong enough, or at least I don’t feel I am, to help. No one else is likely to lift a finger, or able to, especially if they know the true nature of the threat, and I feel it’s unfair and unwise to not let people know of it.

Maybe we can deal with two birds with one stone, and set up the Silent Lambs against the vampires? But then, we run the risk of making one stronger than either of them are now. It’s hard to know what way to go with it, really.



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