A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Trappers Tales XXXVI

Ches - Dead Like Me


This will sound strange, and I guess it is, but truth be told I’m kind of glad that I died again. Well, not that I died, but at least now I know that dying wont bring me back to my original body, and I need to find another way back to it.

On the other hand, I’m a little sick of dying. It hurts, and if not for Mireya and a great deal of luck I wouldn’t be able to know I’m not back to me. I really do need to find a way to avoid dying in future.

That said, we’ve got more pressing things to look into first. I’ve never been a fan of fighting for money when we were at the arena anyway, but I thought this time at least it was for a cause beyond wanting to be wealthy. We should have known there was some shenanigans going on when we saw how disadvantaged we were trying to get the gems at the location we were told, but made the mistake of carrying on with it anyway, only to find out on returning home (from reviving me) that it was a ruse to get us out of the way, and unfortunately it worked amazingly well.

It seems the hideout was more just an out with less hide, and the forces of The Black were waiting for the right time to capture everyone there. Estelle was away when they came, and Rosa Marsk we found injured, but not captured. Everyone else, Sebastian, Myrcella, Kaleb, Anders, Annalissa and everyone else was captured. I hope they don’t treat Helm especially hard for having escaped the first time.

I’m assuming this is again to lure us out, as we’ve been told they’ll be publicly executed in a week. There’s no reason to wait that long unless it’s to make sure we act, so it seems like if we do try the straight forward approach I’ve recently complained about it’s unlikely to go well.

Hopefully I’m the only one that dies this week.



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