Anzo Marsk

Baemore Tanner


Name:Anzo Marsk
Age: 21
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: Tanner
Mannerism: Can be seen as a “fast talker”
Traits: Sweet, Good intentions (Usually), often makes poor choices with the right intentions.

Likes: His older brother, Helping people, going places in town.
Dislikes: Fighting, weapons in general & overly aggressive people.


- Mother Roza Marsk
- Oldest Brother Kosef Marsk
- Older brother Roy Marsk

Appearance: A young face, unlike his brothers Anzo is not scared or warn. His fair features, his light facial hair and his uncut medium long hair that seems to have no precise style often have many in the older generations assume he’s “up to no good”
Height: 5’10"
Attire: Brown leather coat, black shirt, trousers and low top shoes that are made for endurance.
Notable Items: His leather coat, a rare commodity among those who are not rich.


Anzo is a kindhearted young man who often makes poor choices with the purest intentions. His choices often lead him into scenarios where he gets into small fights, he can usually be seen with a wound or a visible bruise.

Anzo will often spend most of his time with his friend HroÐgeirr Evgenii, although they are both busy working, Anzo will usually try to schedule his work around HroÐgeirrs hunting and trapping trips.

Because he is known as a “Bad Apple” around town, many times there is a mysterious “crime” or “bad deed” done in town, often the townsfolk will jump to the conclusion that it is his fault.

Grigor Buckman will often attempt to help the young man, usually by giving him the benefit of the doubt or helping him in situations where he seems to be in trouble, although Anzo doesn’t exactly show any real attachment or trust in Grigor but Grigor still keeps faith in Anzo.

Anzo Marsk

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