Randal Tallstag

Farmers son


Name: Randal Tallstag
Age: 19
Race: Human
Sub race: Chondathan
Profession: Farmer on Tallstag farm
Mannerism: Proper, has a traditional feel to him when he speaks.
Traits: Generous, “Gentlemanly”, smiles a lot when he speaks, easily embarrassed & shy

Likes: His work,
Dislikes: People who are rude or improper to those he believes are in need of protection.

- Unnammed father, known as Farmer Tallstag, or Senior Tallstag.
- Rowan Tallstag (Older Sister)

Appearance: A young man with brown flowy hair at a medium length. A young face with well sculpted features and fair skin made rough by hard manual labor.
Height: 5’10"
Attire: Well crafted boots made for working, a shirt with buttons on it and regular pants with suspenders.
Notable Items: None


Randal Tallstag is a farmer who works and does most of the manager work, Eg. Running money into town for product, delivering and overseeing sales of crops, ect.

He is known as a polite gentleman in town and always aims for just a fair deal on both ends when trading. His family owns a small one story bachelor style house in Baemore where he stays sometimes when he is in town for a longer peroid ofo time.

Randal Tallstag

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