Calbourne Anglehorn

Baemore Medical Care


Name:Calbourne Anglehorn
Age: mid 70s
Race: Human
Sub race: Unknown, presumably Illuskan
Profession: Doctor
Mannerism: Calm, very abrupt at times.
Traits: Relaxed & Intelligent.

Likes: Healing people & Stories
Dislikes: Magic & Healing magic (Believes it’s unnatural)

- None known of

Appearance: A short man with a well aged face, white hair that is kept in an odd position for a human. Some of his features look elven, but no one has ever suggested he’s anything more than a fullblooded human.
Height: 5’7"
Attire: Regular clothes for a middle class male, mainly wears green or brown.
Notable Items: Doctors bag (With contents)


A short man with white hair, he is the medical doctor in Baemore. He is a fairly well known man in town but he generally keeps h

Calbourne Anglehorn

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