Grigor Buckman

Owner of the Brimstone Inn, Baemore


Sub race:Damaran
Profession:Proprietor of Brimstone Inn
Major Attitude Alignment:

Likes:Running his business, Wood Carving, Reading
Dislikes:Trouble makers, criminals &

-Wife Esvele Buckman
-Grand daughter Iona Buckman
-Unnamed Daughter, deceased
-Unnamed Father, Status unknown

Attire:Brown pants and white collard shirt, can either be seen wearing a black vest or a brown coat with a collar.
Notable Items: Brown jacket, well made leather.


Grigor is seen as a very respectable man in Baemore, probably one of the most lawful and honest men in the whole city; he is known for being fair and just when dealing with situations that arise in his establishment, the Brimstone Inn.

Grigor is good friends with Estelle Lyne and is one of the few men that Guard Captain Laris Tresden will (Although reluctantly) admit to say she admires.

Grigor seems to be fond of Anzo Marsk, Grigor seems to believe that he is viewed negatively for unfair reasons. Grigor will often attempt to call in favors or vouch for the young man when he is in need. Although Anzo doesn’t seem to return the feelings for Grigor and will generally just disregard him as unimportant; regardless of this Grigor always seems to help the boy anyways.

Grigor spends nearly all of his free time taking care of, repairing or improving the Brimstone Inn.

Grigor Buckman

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