Malcer Westwood

Baemore Bowyer


Name:Malcer Westwood
Sub race:Illuskan
Major Attitude Alignment:
Traits: Kind, Fatherly, Naturally wise.

Likes:Wood working & Walking in the park/woods
Dislikes:Unkind people, liars & the smell of fish.

-Wife Olma Westwood
-Brother in-law Malik Dunwall

Appearance:Average height, a think black beard with an aged but friendly face.
Attire:Common clothing, generally modest.
Notable Items:A well carved knife that is used in bow crafting.


Malcer is the owner and proprietor of The Dragons Claw. He is considered a master bowyer by the standards of Baemore.

Malcer is married to the sister of Malik Dunwall, the two married when he was 29 and she was 20. The two married with the blessing of Olmas parents but the two died soon after.

Malcer is fairly well known through out the town and often comes off as a fatherly figure, he will often take the high road and can some times be seen as strong headed.

Malcer Westwood

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