Olma Westwood

Wife of Malcer


Name: Olma Westwood, Formally Dunwall
Age: 34
Race: Human
Sub race:Damaran
Profession: None
Major Attitude Alignment: Polite & Reserved
Traits: Proper, shy.

Likes: Watching her husband work, singing & painting.
Dislikes: The rain

-Husband Malcer Westwood
-Brother Malik Dunwall

Appearance: Short female with brown hair, pulled back in a lax manner and than tied. Olma has unusually fair skin for a Damaran and is often mistaken for a Illuskan.
Height: 5’6"
Attire: Dress with floral pattrens
Notable Items: A woven basket

Olma often comes off as shy and timid and will wander outside picking flowers with her basket.

Olma will often sit in her husbands shop painting him work or images from her past.

Olma Westwood

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