Pickalo Shnoodletoad

Acorn Collector


Roughly 6" tall, Pickalo has green skin and an unusually large nose. his skin is a dank green colour that looks like it could be rotted if you didn’t know him.


A fairly grotesque pixie, he lives in the woods just north of Baemore. Pickalo was born of a frog and a pixie, although still a fey creature he enjoys things that many other pixies do not.

Pickalo presents himself to people who carry a special acorn that he uses for odd reasons. Pickalo loves to trade for these acorns and will trade whatever he has in his stash.

Pickalo lives in a small mushroom field.

“Pickalo, Pickalo, Pickalo, where for art thou Pickalo, we have for you an Acorn that you will most deliciously love Mr.Pickalo!”

Pickalo Shnoodletoad

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